5 Toxic morning habits to give up in the morning

Honestly i suffer from insomnia, and have been suffering from insomnia since i was an teenager. So transitioning my life into being a morning person has really been difficult for me. I really do not like mornings when it comes to handling things, & at a point of time i would be really sluggish. But i did realize that mornings are definitely more productive, healthier, & much easier to maintain. When you get up in the morning, you can run your errands, cook a good breakfast, go for a fresh walk, go to work and be done for the rest of your day & i can go on. So getting up early has definitely been a priority for me. Now, If you want to improve your life for a happier, healthier and more productive lifestyle then stop doing these 5 toxic morning habits immediately.

  1. Waking up late: Truthfully, if you are continually waking up LATE, ask yourself where did time go? Exactly! too far. Your day is pretty much up because either you keep turning that alarm off, your not really caring about getting up, or your just being pure out lazy. Wake up early so you can get prepared for a much successful day. But make your first hour, your self care time. The first hour after waking up must be specifically for nurturing yourself. Your growth, your happiness and mental health all plays part of a start of a new day.
  2. Checking social media first thing in the morning: This is an epic fail! I had this problem bad. My phone was the first thing i thought about when i woke up, and i had to fix that issue asap! You must never start your day checking your phone and scrolling through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. And truthfully this small habit affects our mood and our entire day if you think about it. That’s how much social media has an affect on us. Social media is a big distraction and can have you out here missing out on the importance things of life. When i’m distracted i feel like i have an heavy burdened on me & it’s definitely not a good feeling. Try turning your phone off before bed and not powering it back on.No excuses!
  3. Not getting natural light & fresh air flowing: Get some natural light and air after waking up. We are human beings, so nature is us 100 %. Also, once all the windows are opened and it’s fresh air & light coming into your home, you began to start feeling energized. Wake up & open up!
  4. Not drinking your herbal teas: Drink some good ole organic green tea every morning. Green tea is good for the body. Green tea improves brain function & protects the brain from aging & more.
  5. Not sitting in peace: Stop having morning chats, use your mornings on focusing purely only on you. Having those talks in the am only stall out time then you will look out & your morning has been wasted.

Hope these 5 steps helped or gave you an idea on getting rid of toxic habits. Don’t forget to head to my other blogs and check them out 😊.

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