How to practice mindful productivity

“You can do so much at once, but focusing on multiple things at once will not be effective.”


I’m sure you have lost focus on doing more than one task at once to the point where you find yourself not getting much done as you expected. Especially for those who are easily distracted.

Practicing mindful productivity means challenging your own self-knowledge to find the best out yourself.

To be mindfully productive means to focus on one task, and focusing on one task makes things less complicated. It’s times we be all over the place, so pace yourself and focus on just one. And remember this is just a simple practice so you will not change over night!

So let’s make a habit of practicing mindful productivity, here’s a few things you can do:

β€’Listen to yourself

Stick with your intuition and take a break if you need one.$!

β€’Take baby steps

Don’t beat yourself down because you aren’t getting done in a timely manner. Your not perfect, no one is. Trying to become a perfectionist is going to interfere your productivity.

β€’Work accordingly

Timing is definitely everything. Work at your natural rhythm and go with the flow.

β€’Establish priorities

Have a list that contains all tasks in one.

β€’Write a to-do-list

Break it down and be specific so you can be able to analyze your task.

β€’Quit multitasking

Slow your roll, and stop doing more than one thing at once.

Let’s start living in the moment try to intentionally bring discerning attention to everything you create & do. Treat yourself & accept who you are! All these things I listed does help with mindful productivity. It’s all about positive energy and knowing what’s best for you.

Hope this helps πŸ’›β€¦

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I am not a mental health professional, but i discuss my past to help those who are suffering from anxiety like i did. I am here to give those who suffer from any kind of mental health issues tips, and advise them on moving forward. You have permission to screenshot my articles or bookmark them for motivation & healing support. Thank you for those who took their time out to read & observe. Thanks!

Monday Diary + Stress relief tips

What’s up everyone! So lately i have been extremely busy, like super busy, and not only that i been super busy, I also been going through a few struggles. Can i say (CAR NOTES, UTILITY BILLS, RENT, & OTHER DEBTS) all in the same week? Yessss it was that type of month. I am so ready for April to just leave seriously! I guess we all have those days, but honestly It is bothersome. I felt i was in a dark hole, and now that i am on my way out of that dark hole, I honestly fear that time will come again, but then again I am prepared because i’m strong :).


Enough of that bullsh*t, I am not going to let it bring me down. So of course, I did a few things to relief some stress. Today i did something I have never done before. I went hiking! Yes i finally went hiking. I honestly was one of those types that refuse to go up any hill lol, but i actually did it, and guess what? I feel amazing. No i didn’t take pictures because i didn’t take my phone. That’s where i get to also announce i did a (Phone detox). I didn’t use social media, text, FaceTime, nor email, just turned my phone off and enjoyed my time not on my phone.

Also, I started a 30 day treadmill challenge in i am 4 days in so far. I basically get on the treadmill for 30 mins for 30 days straight, in so far since i started this journey i also feel good. Working out takes all the mental pain & stress away. I feel that since i am more organized with my work out schedule and not just going when i feel like it, it also helps me as well.


Another thing that i have been working on like busy is, finding a next step for my brands, including my blog site, podcast, & my services site. It has been a struggle as well but i know all my hard work will pay off. I learned that i have to stay consistent and be willing to give up my mornings & nights to work on my brands. I love my ambition, strength, & how i am not so willing to give up like i use to in the past. I am more determined and focused on achieving my goals. I don’t have a set time because building your own brand comes with a lot. You have to research, gain knowledge, brainstorm, plan, & so much more. I can’t just give up on how far I have already came.

The point of this blog is to let you all know that you aren’t alone. We all have times that we might fall down, struggle, or just feel like giving the hell up. But… if that happens then what? You will be back where you started. Their is no reason to reverse in back track. Keep pushing. Even if you feel stuck in need help, let go of that pride and find someone or some kind of resource that can help you.

We all have a mission, in ordinary to complete that mission, we have to have a winner mindset. Even when you lose a few times getting there, just keep that same winner mindset. Positivity is the #1 priority. A negative mind literally gets you no where. But… do also remember that struggles, stress, & tired nights/mornings, will come. All that hard work will eventually show off when you are some where on the other side of the world having no worries.

Heres a few extra things you can do to let go of some stress:

  • Yoga
  • Write in journal
  • Catch up on your favorite tv shows or find a new one
  • Clean up 
  • Call a close friend
  • Cook your favorite dish with a glass of wine & music up loud
  • Take a 20 min walk
  • Do something you normally don’t do because of time
  • Do a 2 day phone detox
  • Take a small trip


There is so many places to go, & so many things you can do to help keep your mind on a positive path. Try those list of things, or just figure out what can keep you from stressing less, or can help you feel better. Remember it’s ok to have ups&downs but don’t let that stop you from being happy. This thing called life is already hard, but as a human our mind works in mysterious ways, and we can control our minds, so it’s up to you to let yourself go. 


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