I hate anxiety: How to deal

Welp! The real truth is…I got diagnosed with anxiety in 2014.

I can’t even be in denial or lost why i have/had it, because i have had a pretty interesting life. I have been through a lot of tragic situations in my life, but i am not going to mention that today. Maybe ill save that for another day or my “book” 😩!


Honestly, truth be told, I go through seasons anxiety, which is really annoying.

Because, one season i’m totally okay, and then the next season i’m just out of it lol. And my family just looks at me like i’m crazy.

Well today, for some odd reason everything just hit me. I woke up feeling off and not like myself. So i said to myself “yup! i’m depressed about something”. I’m the type of person that will be really confused when it comes to trying to find out why i’m depressed.

And i knew something wasn’t right because i was agitated, i wouldn’t play videos games with my 6 year old like i normally do, my stomach felt like it was cringing, and i didn’t even want to talk to no one.

So finally after feeling like crap. I went for a small walk. put my ear plugs in, and put on my play list.

Came home. Made some lemon & honey tea (which helped), wrote in my journal (which helped), breathing techniques, and did yoga for about 25 minutes also (which helped) once again. This helps. I don’t know why but it helps. I feel 100% better after words, and way more relieved. But, this is how i deal with anxiety.

Small steps make a total big difference…

It’s 1:36 am while i’m typing up this blog, but hey it feels good just being myself, feeling free, and showing my social friends how things been going on lately.


“Anything that makes you smile, you should always keep it around so you can keep smiling. A simple smile will brighten up your day.”




Making a schedule is definitely one of my issues from time to time. I will go a month strong creating a schedule and then i’ll fall off. But, yes it’s important. When you create a schedule it helps with timing and to get things done in order so you don’t have to stress as much.



Write! Write! Write!.. Yes, writing in a journal is so worth it. If you don’t have no one to talk to or don’t want to talk to no one. Write it out. Express yourself through paper, so when you go back and read how you were feeling. You can figure out what you can do better to not make the mistakes, or figure out other ways how to prevent from certain things from happening again. Sometimes being free, and just writing out your thoughts can be like a medicine. It heals you, but in a different way.



Start spending more times out door. But, you have to actually do something. Find activities you haven’t done before. Like i been living in California all my life, and i have never been horse back riding, gun range, wineries, and so many other fun places my friends been to except me lol. Take time out for you. Go hiking, go walk trail, or just do something different. Being adventurous is really like a big weight lifted off your shoulders. Getting away for a few hours and actually spending time for yourself is the most healthiest feeling you can never forget.


With that being said, those are my anxiety tips i have for you guys for now. I hope that starting Monday i start my week off feeling & looking good! I just want to enjoy my Monday and start over with a positive mindset.

I hope this post helped anyone who’s out there reading who experiences anxious feelings. We have all been there. Stay strong. I get you. And i hope you get me as well. No one is perfect.

Feel free to leave me some tips if you have any on dealing with anxiety, or leave some questions in the comment, or just tell me your experience on coping.

I hope you all enjoyed my blog as much as i did! really appreciate it!

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How to stay dedicated to blogging

When i first started blogging, I am going to be honest with you all. It was so confusing. I didn’t technically have a niche, or knew my purpose of even starting a blog. I just knew i liked writing. So, I started to peep out other blogs, which me looking at other blogs is the reason that i even had the idea to start from the first place. Now yes, blogging can be easy as 1,2,3, but when you don’t know exactly what you are doing it can be a little mind blowing. You have to find a niche, figure out what exactly you want to share to the world. I use to consistently ask myself a list of these questions:

  1. Why do i want to become a blogger?
  2.  What do i want to blog about?
  3. What is my niche?
  4. How far do i plan on going with my blog?
  5. How can i make money becoming a blogger?



These are questions i asked myself. As crazy as it sounds, writing down questions to continue to ask yourself so you can finally have the right answer and make the right choice, can certainly help no doubt! Don’t rush into blogging, but you can always be a step ahead. Even if you haven’t blogged for so long, just stay dedicated and true. If you are determined to succeed in blogging, make blogging your priority and not an hobby.

Look like a pro even if you are a beginner. As a blogger, you want to make sure that your audience always has something worth to read. Having a interesting article brings more attention then you think. Lets be honest, how many people look up “How to’s” all day or “Tips on” in there search engine 24 hours 7 days a week? A lot! Millions of people.



A to-do-list, is definitely important to me, and it should be for you to. Write down a list of topics each week to blog about. So for an example, if you decide to blog every Mon, Tues, Wed, then write a to-do-list, of want you are going to talk about. Trust me, this will make your life so much easier.



Consistency is a must. You have to stay consistent when it comes to anything business or something you actually want. Don’t give up and keep striving to be the best you can be. Things will get hard but as long you stay focused on your plan, everything will go just right.



You have to accept failure, I know a lot of people don’t take failure fairly, but it’s the honest truth. Failure is only a lesson learned, we learn from our mistakes, we learned when we don’t get something right, but we was suppose to keep going until we get what we are striving for down packed. Sometimes you have to fail before you win!



Always stay true to yourself and your audience. Honesty is the #1 key to be trusted. When you become a blogger or already a blogger, you want to make sure you grow your audience. Their might be something you went through that someone else went through and they need tips on how to get out over it, and by you going through those tough times you can probably inspire someone else. So continue being yourself, and using your capability to help others, or teach people things they never even had the knowledge of.




If you do everything i listed above, i promise you will stay dedicated. But, you have to want this. You have to be determined to get up and write blogs and promote yourself. You can’t expect for no one to do it for you, at least not now. Remember if you plan on becoming a blogger full time, or making blogging a priority in your life, then don’t look at it as an hobby. Do a lot of research, search up other blogs that have the same niche as you but are more experienced. It’s okay to get ideas and tips from other bloggers. At the end of the day we all have to learn some way. Eventually, you will be able to master at blogging. You will be so immune to it, to the point you will naturally find something to talk about.


   Btw, Happy Friday! πŸ™‚

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How i grew to accept my problems and moved on



Growing up figuring yourself out is amazing. I always told people i may have grew up with a parent that made sure our house hold was good and i was well took care of, but that can never change how you deeply feel inside within yourself. You can grow up rich and still be depressed, suffer from anxiety, emotional, ungrateful, rude, and i can go on. It feels good to be able to just open up freely and live in my truth now. I have no problem admitting to my flaws and sharing my past feelings from then and now…

A lot of people are Furious. Furious is something a lot of people will not admit to. There extremely angry, intense, and once you make them made they will began to start raging and going on rants. I know. That was me before. But see a lot of people wont admit to it because the world we live in, some people feel like they have to prove a point or be something there not. Some people have self-love issues but they lie to themselves and say they don’t because they are in denial.

It have been a time in life when i use to hide my true self. I didn’t want anyone to know me or even know how i truly felt. I never showed no signs of insecurities, no signs of depression. I have always been laid back and kept everything bottled in. Although i have been all what i listed, I do know that showing it would have made me look weak. And honestly when you show your weak side that’s how people take advantage of you.

I take being strong or at least showing my strong side very lightly. My last name is BATTLE, so it’s in my nature. My last name represents me as well, I have always been the type of girl/woman that will put up a fight and not give up. My mindset has always been to win no matter how I felt within myself. There is way too many cruel people and bullies in our world so I would always stand tall, and stood my grounds with no hesitation.

Life isn’t easy at all, sometimes we have to experience certain situations in life and use it as a lesson learned, or a reason why you are strong today. I been through the worst, I been judged, talked about, treated badly, and I can add more to the list. But my message with this article is to let you all know that it’s okay to live in your truth and to find yourself. Focus on what you need to change & fix it. First you have to figure out how can you go about fixing your problem first. Then from there everything will fall through. You can do it if i can!


Need any advice or have any questions feel free to go to (Ask Me) :).




52 Blogging Ideas For Starting a Blog

What to blog about? No. What is there to blog about?

It can be pretty difficult when trying to come up with a blogging niche or blog ideas can be super hard when you’re just starting out or randomly getting writers block. But, starting a blog means you have to create content consistently, especially if you are planning to take your blog to the next level.

But what do you do?….

Β You find ideas what to blog about. You find a niche for your blog. Then you just go for it without no hesitation.Β 

When i say with no hesitation, I mean, choose whatever that comes to mind even if you never use that niche again. It’s about giving out good content, and being your authentic self.

A good niche will help you grow more audience and more traffic. I will show you how.

I listed 52 blog ideas on what to blog about. This will definitely help you when it comes to how many different blogging ideas for your niche you can come up with, or give you some serial ideas.


1. Business Blogging Ideas

First off in the process of starting a blog, (monetize) it. This is how i started making an income out of blogging.

If you have the knowledge & experience to help others, you can start a blog teaching and helping others.

#1 Freelance Writing

#2 Digital Marketing

#3Β Life coaching

#4 Business coaching

#5 Printables

#6 E-books

#7 Health and wellness

#8 Youtube

#9 Life Coaching

#10 Relationship Coaching

#11 Instagram Marketing

#12 Facebook Marketing

#13 Pinterest Marketing

#14 Fashion

#15 Photography

#16 Social Media

#17 Fitness

blogger text

2. Relationships

Are you good at helping other’s in their relationship. Do you give really good tips? It doesn’t matter if their single or married, you can help online with your blog by sharing anything you know about relationships.

#18 Dating

#19 How to prevent a break up

#20 Long distance relationship

#21 Couples therapyΒ 

#22 Interracial relationship

#23Β Healthy relationship

#24 Loving relationship



3. DIY

DIY is a great idea for your blog, especially if you are creative and have a lot of ideas to share & teach others.

#25 Furniture

#26 Homemade skincare products

#27 Homemade teeth whiteningΒ 

#28 Fashion

#29 Hair products

#30 Recipes

#31Β Meal planning

#32 Home office

#33 Decor for cheap

#34 Paintings

#35 Renovations


4. Finance

Finance is big in our world, you can help a lot of people or a core set of people. It’s up to you how you want to do it, but a lot of people need tips on budgeting and where to go to make money.

#36 Personal Finance

#37 Freelancing

#38 Paying off debt

#39 Saving money

#40 Make money blogging

#41 Side hustle

#42 Make money from home

#43 BudgetingΒ 


5. Educational Blogging Ideas

Educational type of blogs are more straight forward, instructional, and helpful. If you start one of these blogs, you can knowledge newbies to your topic or help those already successful get to the next level.

#44 Personal Growth

#45 Goal Planning Printables

#46 Self-Care Tips

#47 Mindset Growth

#48 Journaling Tips

#49 Mental Health

#50 Time Management Worksheet

#51 Time Management Tips

#52 Developing Successful Skills




How to recover from a stressful week: 6 tips for getting back on track

Today i want to talk about recovering from a stressful week. A topic a lot of us can relate to.Β 

We all have a time in our when we have a really busy week and that busy week turns to being stressed, overwhelmed, exhausted. We are all so busy and its tremendously hard to get caught up with everything. You know the saying ” I have to much time on my plate ” well this time ” I have to much food on my plate ” and it’s time to release it because it’s to much.

I have been totally guilty of this, that’s why i chose to write this article. So today i wrote 6 tips step by step, that might can help you like it did for me!






1| Brain Dump

Let go of all the negative thoughts you been having during that stressful week. You can’t enter in a new week with negativity or downing yourself because you haven’t been quite happy. Let it all go!


2| Avoid that technology crap

You know exactly what i mean, Facebook, Online shopping, laughing at every meme that comes across your screen, taking selfies 90% of the day. The things that you really suck in & have the urge to do, because next thing you know it’s been an hour.Β 

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes this is exactly the “me time” i need and you to maybe. But, if we are doing this consistently through out the day and then stressing because we do not have enough time in our lives to accomplish everything, then we need to re-evaluate. “LITERALLY”


3| Take Breaks & Time for yourself

When you are feeling overwhelmed or burnt out the best things to do is just take a little rest and relax. We all need breaks from time to time. Even if your daily schedule seems never-ending. Take time to recharge because you can come back to reality all refreshed & motivated, instead of cutting your to-do list down and being exhausted.


4| No excuses, stop procrastinating

Procrastination will burn you out and you will start making excuses to avoid any task you had scheduled. But, usually if I can just make myself start one task at a time, I will get right back into things and feel more productive. Sometimes just forcing yourself to keep going is what all it takes. If you feel your lacking because you been working extra hard, then that;s when taking breaks come in.


5| Seek for help

A lot of people fear to ask others for help. Some times because of faith & pride, but it’s okay to use a helping hand. Like myself, I hate asking for help, but i came to a realization, there is people out here that are willing to help, and also might have knowledge in things i’m still trying to figure out. When you need help, ask for it.


6| Plan, Pin point, ScheduleΒ 

It’s so important staying on track and avoiding exhaustion. Planning out your future days, weeks, & months, are a brilliant way to stay on track. Also, helps you figure out more on what you need to accomplish and all your priorities.

Creating a long-term schedule of task to help you see an outlook of everything +timing will definitely help you out and you will feel less overwhelmed. Start breaking down your goals & times, so you will stay consistent.



So there you go! I hope these tips help you overcome any future stressful weeks and get you back on track. The biggest factor is that you need to take care of yourself and make time for self-care. Get help when you need it, relax, take small breaks, and work on time management. Incorporating these simple things should help you avoid stress.


Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯ Seqouia B



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So many distractions, so many plans… so many goals to complete… in not much time!

I’m sorry but doesn’t it seem like every time you try to focus on getting things done, you begin to feel less unproductive. Try creating a schedule or a to do list. I am more of a scheduler type of girl, and i swear to you that i spend more of my time writing it out then actually doing what i planned to do. Or i end up doing something else important that i instantly get distracted and next thing you know it i am on my phone doing something totally different like browsing the internet looking at shoes & clothes.

The main point is that productivity has always been something you have to level up in, and a work-in-progress, it’s an life experience we all go through. Things happen, things  change, but we have to work around all that stress to stay productive. #1 FACT: Trashing all habits that kill your productivity.





Of course you would think it’s meant to make our lives more productive and more simple, but for the most part, it is the total opposite. Consistently checking your email, checking your social media before & after a nap, every time your phone notification goes off you pick up your phone fast, or when someone is talking to you but your face in stuck in your phone and not the conversation. That is a distraction, a major one. Those are some things that will kill off your productivity and any digital advice is definitely the blame. Digital devices distractions breaks the flow of your productivity. Your brain has to focus on what is important, or else you will lose out on a lot more thank you think.



Do you have times when you feel like there isn’t enough hours in the day? Yup definitely. There always seems to be something else you planned on getting done before night time gets here. Some days we even stay up almost until the next day or just go to sleep extremely late just to do something else. Other times we have a hard time shutting our eyes the first couple hours because now our mind just want let us with all the anxious thoughts we are having. Thinking about all the task we didn’t do but we could have did. So we tell our selves, “Okay we will do it tomorrow”, but then we think about how tired we will be because we are still up in the middle of the night now.

Not getting enough sleep can affect your memory, performance, health, and your ability to concentrate. Also lack of sleep makes it hard to make decisions. If this is something you struggle with, work on developing better habits for bedtime. I definitely had to. Try making a schedule for bed time, and find out what can actually help you sleep better (Naturally).




Planning productive habits and actually sticking to a routine helped me out in improving my productivity. Now that i am back in fitness. I get up 7:30, take my daughter to school. Come home, make breakfast + pot of coffee. Go work out from 11:30 am – 12:15 pm. Then after all that i come home, clean, and figure out what i am going to cook for the day. After all that, I spend the rest of my day working on my blog. I fell off when it comes to productivity and having a routine. I also began to stress a lot, so now that i am back at it with my routine i have listed above, I haven’t let my stress stop me from taking care of myself.



My productivity depended on those daily habits. This routine is what kept me on the right path, and motivates me to keep moving forward no matter what is going on in my life. Now that i took a big jump back & created a new routine for myself, my productivity has improved so much. Having a customized routine added to your schedule keeps you focused on the way you move daily. Your life doesn’t have be boring, or difficult just stay more organized.




Of course you would think it’s meant to make our lives more productive and more simple, but for the most part, it is the total opposite. Consistently checking your email, checking your social media before & after a nap, every time your phone notification goes off you pick up your phone fast, or when someone is talking to you but your face in stuck in your phone and not the conversation. That is a distraction, a major one. Those are some things that will kill off your productivity and any digital advice is definitely the blame. Digital devices distractions breaks the flow of your productivity. Your brain has to focus on what is important, or else you will lose out on a lot more thank you think.




If you struggle with being a perfectionist chances are that you also have that β€œI don’t care ” attitude. It’s when you’re never happy with pretty much anything that comes your way, everything you do has to be done absolutely perfectly or else you will have a fit. There’s also a lot of fear of failure and anxiety involved, but a perfectionist hides it due to caring about what others think. All of this combined can affect your productivity in a big way, no in a EXTREME WAY. The major key is to really focus on your goals and tasks, rather than that fear of making a mistake, because mistakes are going to happen in and out your life. I feel that being a perfectionist is hard to come by, or just a mind thing. but you can start by changing your perspective, the way you think, and realizing just how often you use it as an excuse to not complete your daily goals & task.




Stressful situations can throw you off track. When your mind is clogged up with anxiety, worry, and fear, your productivity falls off. It’s important to know how to manage your stress, and deal with it in a much healthier way. Meditation, yoga, writing/journaling, and just taking care of yourself like you should. Figure out how to cope with repeatedly stress issues.




When it comes down to it, lack of discipline is one of the main habits that throw your productivity off. There will be plenty of days when you won’t feel like getting things done, days when working on something that’s important to you is the last thing you feel like doing. Motivation comes and goes in and out our lives, and you can’t rely on it to always be there, because trust me it’s not. When you lose motivation you sometimes also lose your willing power to be productive. Focus on building habits that will help you become more self-disciplined and learning to arrange your tasks is one of them. Use your willing power to create more habits that will improve your productivity, rather than depending on motivation all the time.



Try out my 5 pack planner, calendar, & orgnanizer+extras to help keep you organized, create a schedule, and brainstorm. It literally helps me get through the day and keep me productive. I’m more than sure it will help you as well. This is a digital download (PDF) form. Heres the link just click it: CLICK FOR PLANNER.

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Monday Diary + Stress relief tips

What’s up everyone! So lately i have been extremely busy, like super busy, and not only that i been super busy, I also been going through a few struggles. Can i say (CAR NOTES, UTILITY BILLS, RENT, & OTHER DEBTS) all in the same week? Yessss it was that type of month. I am so ready for April to just leave seriously! I guess we all have those days, but honestly It is bothersome. I felt i was in a dark hole, and now that i am on my way out of that dark hole, I honestly fear that time will come again, but then again I am prepared because i’m strong :).


Enough of that bullsh*t, I am not going to let it bring me down. So of course, I did a few things to relief some stress. Today i did something I have never done before. I went hiking! Yes i finally went hiking. I honestly was one of those types that refuse to go up any hill lol, but i actually did it, and guess what? I feel amazing. No i didn’t take pictures because i didn’t take my phone. That’s where i get to also announce i did a (Phone detox). I didn’t use social media, text, FaceTime, nor email, just turned my phone off and enjoyed my time not on my phone.

Also, I started a 30 day treadmill challenge in i am 4 days in so far. I basically get on the treadmill for 30 mins for 30 days straight, in so far since i started this journey i also feel good. Working out takes all the mental pain & stress away. I feel that since i am more organized with my work out schedule and not just going when i feel like it, it also helps me as well.


Another thing that i have been working on like busy is, finding a next step for my brands, including my blog site, podcast, & my services site. It has been a struggle as well but i know all my hard work will pay off. I learned that i have to stay consistent and be willing to give up my mornings & nights to work on my brands. I love my ambition, strength, & how i am not so willing to give up like i use to in the past. I am more determined and focused on achieving my goals. I don’t have a set time because building your own brand comes with a lot. You have to research, gain knowledge, brainstorm, plan, & so much more. I can’t just give up on how far I have already came.

The point of this blog is to let you all know that you aren’t alone. We all have times that we might fall down, struggle, or just feel like giving the hell up. But… if that happens then what? You will be back where you started. Their is no reason to reverse in back track. Keep pushing. Even if you feel stuck in need help, let go of that pride and find someone or some kind of resource that can help you.

We all have a mission, in ordinary to complete that mission, we have to have a winner mindset. Even when you lose a few times getting there, just keep that same winner mindset. Positivity is the #1 priority. A negative mind literally gets you no where. But… do also remember that struggles, stress, & tired nights/mornings, will come. All that hard work will eventually show off when you are some where on the other side of the world having no worries.

Heres a few extra things you can do to let go of some stress:

  • Yoga
  • Write in journal
  • Catch up on your favorite tv shows or find a new one
  • Clean up 
  • Call a close friend
  • Cook your favorite dish with a glass of wine & music up loud
  • Take a 20 min walk
  • Do something you normally don’t do because of time
  • Do a 2 day phone detox
  • Take a small trip


There is so many places to go, & so many things you can do to help keep your mind on a positive path. Try those list of things, or just figure out what can keep you from stressing less, or can help you feel better. Remember it’s ok to have ups&downs but don’t let that stop you from being happy. This thing called life is already hard, but as a human our mind works in mysterious ways, and we can control our minds, so it’s up to you to let yourself go. 


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4 Simple Self-care ideas for short timing

Think of some of the little things that used to put a smile on your face, things that used to make you feel happy and content. Things that brought joy to your life as a child.

I remember i use to go outside to pick up all the leafs in separate the bad ones from the good ones. I also remember playing jump rope and hop scotch. Even times when i use to sit in the window and watch everyone pass by or watch the rain come down.

We all need “time” but we have to admit that we need/deserve a small break. What are your challenges with practicing self-care? 

I always say “You only can take care of yourself better then anyone, because you know how you want to be treated”. That was always my mood.



No matter how old you are, you are never to old to take it back to the old times. Go skating, jump in the bed, have a karaoke session.

Think of things that use to bring you happiness, things you don’t really do any more due to time, make them part of your self-care routine.





Take time out for yourself. Go to your favorite restaurant, go grab your favorite ice-cream, or go find something to do that you can schedule in just like you would schedule a doctors visit. Don’t cancel out or nothing, really make this time out for yourself.

Don’t forget, self-care isn’t just about always looking good. My off days from my job are Mon, Tues, Wed. So when i’m off work, I make sure i dip into some of my money and go get me a Jamba juice, hit the nail shop in get a color change or fill, maybe go to the movies and take a walk at the park. I also like being in complete silence for 30 mins, and man it makes me feel so much better. I’ll even make me a cup of coffee and in the process of doing that, ill go head in do some laundry. I also enjoy playing The Sims 4. So i will make time to play for about an hour because it helps me mentally to just relax in not think to much. Of course, I’d love to be able to take the rest of the day off, put my feet up and do nothing else but write in my journal or just nothing at all, but all day? that sounds to good to be true honestly, and it’s totally fine. After a tough/stressful week, 30nminutes of self-care, spent alone, just by doing nothing or doing some breathing exercises can be enough to get you energized for the day.





Most of us don’t really take unwind really serious, we usually just take things off in jump in the bed. Lets make our unwinding more thoughtful. Lets make our night unwind ritual part of our self-care routine.

Stop bringing things to the bed that doesn’t help you with unwinding. For an example: No electronics. No lap top, no phones. Use this time to refresh your brain. Read a book, take a nice warm bubble bath, listen to a podcast. I do my night care routine. I put on a face mask because it relaxes me, then rinse with hot water, brush my teeth, tie my hair up, and make me a cup of caffeine free tea. This helps me unwind, relax and get prepared for bed time.





Some people don’t like leaking out there emotions and keep them bottled in, and some actually feel more relieved releasing it out. But.. how about you check in with your own emotions.

My #1 emotional release is journaling, Journaling has got me through a lot of issues, emotionally & mentally. Some may think it’s weird or corny, but writing out your feelings actually can help with more than you think. You will be surprised how many people actually write, even if it’s in there notes. If you never thought about journaling I highly suggest you start your journey with some writing/journaling prompts.

Writing down all your feelings, your thoughts, your questions, your fears, can bring some much clarity into your life. This is definitely useful if you normally get overwhelmed at times. It’s time to be more mindful to yourself, and your own emotions. Sometimes you have to just out yourself first, and work on your own feelings.


Hope you enjoyed this article, also feel free to leave a comment!

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Welcome to Spring season my loves!

I am a huge believer in affirmations. They have worked for me absolutely in so many ways. It starts from what you tell yourself when you first get up to begin your day. Dreams, goals, success, all begins in the mind. You have to train your mind to see good in situation and i think a good way is start through affirmations.

Here are some affirmations that will help you get through whatever challenge you might be going through. I actually use these for myself.

My Post


No matter what your situation is, or whatever you are going through, always remind yourself that you will WIN. I have learned a lot on how to act on in different situations. I am here to not lose and to never give up. For a person who has faith and believe i there self, this affirmation couldn’t me more authentic enough.





Now most of the time when we are going through tough times in our lives, we think it’s going to last for eternity. We see no way out. We see a huge wall everywhere but one thing I’ve learned is that everything is temporary and nothing is forever, so eventually that wall will come down. And like the first affirmation was written, no matter what, i can NEVER LOSE.





When tough times come, we carry a heavy set of fear on our backs, stress, anxiety, depression, doubt. I tell myself all the time “NOT TODAY, NOT NEVER DEMON”. I will not worry. And i sure will not fear. There is no significance in worrying your self about being stressed. But there is every advantage in remaining calm & content. This way you can take time out to talk or write out your thoughts. You can think about solutions. So, make it a main priority when you get up each day to affirm “I WILL NOT WORRY.”






Their is absolutely nothing to hard with prayer. I mean of course everyone has their own beliefs, but i’m telling you now that prayer works. God is watching over us at all times, and although he might not answer our prayers immediately, eventually he does. You have to stay positive, patient, & determined. Prayer gives me confidence, piece, and strength.





Whichever area of your life that is challenging, affirm that “it’s life”. It’s life with my living. It’s life with my finances. It’s life with my health. It’s life with my education. It’s life with my ups & downs. Speak it out and it will come into existence. You might not believe it, but your situation is already under control you just have to trust in yourself.





No one can stop you from getting it but YOU.The goal+dreams i have for myself, may seem not believable. But, I have confidence in the facts that my future will be just fine, and that i will make it to where i want to be. There will be people who will try to bring you down, or just something that might try to hold you back, but don’t act on it. No one can stop you from getting to it unless you allowed them to.


So, these are the affirmations I say each day and they have kept me grounded & leveled. I would love to read some of yours if you feel comfortable dropping them down in the comments that will be dope.


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As an adult we may cope with our stress differently from one another. And it’s pretty damn annoying when you consistently try to work on getting over your stress but everything just comes falling down at the same time. Sucks right?! I mean i always try to practice ways to get over my stress, and yes i found plenty of solutions to help with that, but why can’t life just be peaceful and stress free?.. I guess it’s part of humanity huh?!



First off take time to follow through thisΒ stress roller coaster you are going through.Β It’s ok to talk to yourself, we have to figure ourselves out first before anyone else. So don’t feel like something is wrong with you. I mean you will be surprised how many people talk to there selves. Anyways… Ask your self simple questions

For an example:Β 

Why am i stressed out?

What can i do to relieve this stress?

What stress level i am at between 1-10?

You don’t have to specifically ask yourself these questions but i advise you to figure out the main problem first.


“We can repeatedly tell ourselves we aren’t stressing, but holding it in and not being truthful only makes things worst…live your truth, and fix it” -SB


So we have different ways how we handle stress one way or the other. Some people like myself show there most tempered side, and some show there emotional side. Either way, you can find different ways to help lower your stress level.




Here are a few things that helped me and might can help someone else:

  1. Write in a journal
  2. Get professional help (Therapist, Counseling, Coaching sessions)Β 
  3. Go on a social media diet. Meaning, stay off social media for a couple days “It works”.
  4. Talk to a close friend/family member
  5. Go on a self-care outing. Find something you like to do that you don’t do often but it makes you feel good.
  6. Boxing + Yoga Class + Zumba Class + Gym
  7. Sip & Paint class.



For the most part, I think through out our lives we will have stress that will come in and leave. We will go through the bad, we will go through the good, and sometimes we will go through both at the same damn time! Finding your happiness and your peace of mind should always be your focus. Sometimes overwhelming yourself and who the person you are becoming can take a toll on you. That’s why no matter what i try to mentally work on myself first. It was a point of time in my life that i didn’t focus on me like i should have. I’m sure a lot of others relate. Focus on caring for your self, and finding out different techniques that will help you in the long run. Stress is a silent disaster, so lets work on making stress less of an issues instead of one. Practice mindfulness, practice self-care, practice on how to be a better you.


This Article was inspired by one of my readers :). They were curious on how i react to stress and wanted me to give out some tips i use to help me through out this journey. Hope you enjoyed this blog and please feel free to go to my “Ask” tab and ask whatever questions you like and ill definitely respond!


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6 self-care facts for stressful days

When your life becomes more stressful and overwhelming sometimes sleeping it off isn’t always just quite enough. I feel that taking time out and actually working on the things that are bothersome can be a bit challenging but 100% worth trying. I have learned so much about facts on self-care that don’t always mean it have to be the simple things like getting a massage or drinking chamomile tea. 

My #1 thought now is to focus on more of my inner self then my outer self. Learning how to block out unwanted bullsh*t, and focusing on your mind&body should always be your motive. I learned how to dump the past me and let go of things not worth me bringing into my life today. I feel more at ease when i begin to do my own research on fixing my issues dealing with stress. So here are a few facts that might help you.






Learning to focus on you more, is helping you build your self-confidence. SAY NO SOMETIMES!

It’s totally fine to be confused, and to allow yourself to not be committed and to be responsible for other people. I know it is some people out there like myself probably made (promises&commitments) to do things they second guessed about agreeing to. If you are unsure, just know you don’t have to and not obligated to. SET LIMITS for yourself.

β€œStop giving more to others then you are giving to yourself, focus on you more even if it sounds selfish.”






Everyone bodies react differently when they are under some kind of stress, but most people still feel the same symptoms. You start to feel weak, heart beating at a much faster pace, break out in the face, muscles tighten up, and so much more. To deal with these random stress symptoms, you have to train your mind to notice every sign of stress so you will know how to respond in stressful situations. Practice breathing techniques to help you relax better. These are some techniques i do that help me out a lot i found online on http://www.sarahrosecoaching.com very helpful! been using these for a little bit!






Turn off your old thoughts and write down some new ones. You deserve a good mental cleanse. Try journaling, free thoughts writing, or get on your laptop, go to your note pad and type away. You have to process it all through and not just rush into your thoughts. My favorite thing to do is a Mental Cleanse←Click that if curious. 





Are you taking time out to think things through? Are you focusing on what is important instead of what is not? Are you worrying more than caring less about irrelevant things? Have you ever thought that maybe you need to take time out to figure out what are you really stressing for and what can you do to let it go? Maybe you trying to do more than what you can even handle. Pay attention and look at back then and now and see where exactly is things falling off so you can fix them.






So yoga has been one of the things that have helped me a lot when i am stressed. You can try so many yoga techniques  Try downloading apps or finding online yoga classes so you can stay in the comfort of your own home. Lately i been using Yogaburn, not only it helped me to lose some pounds it helped me relieve a lot of stress. Just click the yoga burn tab for more information. Promise you it’s worth it!




Sometimes we get caught up into situations that has nothing to do with US. Drama, Drama, Drama is something you don’t need added to your stress. Easy said then done that sometimes the company you keep try to drag you in there mess and you have to learn how to just say no, or not just feed into it. No matter how much you love your friends and family members sometimes it’s best to love them from a distance. Now when someone vent it is totally fine, venting is healthy and sometimes we need to express ourselves. But…going back & forth and dealing with toxic people can be overwhelming and put you in a bad place. You have to learn how to take a step and putting your guards up between you and them by protecting your happiness, energy, and ability to focus on your own problems.

 “At a time in my life i always felt obligated, but when i realize that i was to in tuned with everyone else problems instead of mines, i realized i had to let go. When i begin to stay out the mix, i started to be more happy, now i wake up with more happiness in my heart, and less worry”




I wonder how many others have any thing they do for themselves when life gets hectic? Please drop down in the comments! I would love to learn some new facts or see if someone has something in common with me ;).


Hope all is well and that you all enjoyed this blog. Feel free to go to my “ask” tab to ask me questions or give me some suggestions for me. I’ll love that ;)!


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Gift guide for the home body


This product helps clears the mind,
24 hours of continuous moisture, and also you have to breathe deeply for the best results. If you also a big fan of super soft skin, this product is definitely for you.

Velour Lip Scrub:

I know a lot of people love body and facial scrub, well how about lip scrub? Wait don’t forget this lip scrub is flavored! I recommend this one if you love pancakes like me :)!

Sleeping Eye mask:

I mean what can i say? We need our beauty rest, and should sleep like the beautiful woman we are right? Eye mask just brings that glamour women all need. Makes me feel like a princess truthfully.

Coffee machine maker:

I recommend a coffee mark to real coffee lovers. Sometimes saving $5 from going to Starbucks is actually smart. You can make your own Starbucks right from the kitchen! Coffee at home just makes you feel more relaxed and comfortable.

Chesapeake Bay – Mind&body Candle:

Can i say that this candle is really for the mind&body. Grab a glass of wine, light it up, put on some soothing music and i promise this will definitely make you feel so soothed and light. These candles have different scents and meanings. This one is peace&franquility.


Home robes are a must. Robes come in handy when it’s cozy and want to just feel homey. I possible think anyone wouldn’t mind having one at all.

Two piece pjs:

Can’t never go wrong finding the cutest two piece pajamas.

House Slippers:

I don’t know about you but slippers are the #1 comfort for keeping your feet warm and not getting dirty from walking around your home. I recommend cotton slippers if your feet is always getting cold.

“Home is where you should be at peace, home is where you should focus on your mind&body health. Home is where you should feel the most safe.”

Hope you all enjoy this gift guide! Will be adding more soon!

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