5 Things to add to your blog journey to make more money

Honestly i have been blogging for two years and i am not going to lie to you guys and say i’m making $12,000 monthly, or any high numbers like that because i’m not. Of course my goal is to make just about that much or more, but i haven’t made it there yet. So when i realize that bloggers can pretty much do anything they pretty much fu*king want, I decided to try other ways to make money. Being open for opportunities actually help you get more noticed and that’s what bloggers need. We need audience. We need support. Use blogging as your main platform, but also think of it as one of your source of incomes if you decide to make blogging a full time job for you.



Heres a list of a few things you can add to your blogging journey:



Not all bloggers, but i can say a lot of bloggers start a podcast. I feel that your podcast should be related to your blog, so if you are a beauty blogger, discuss beauty, beauty tips, beauty hacks, or advice. If you have a motivational blog, discuss motivation, talk about a lot of positivity to uplift your listeners. Think of good topics to build your audience and monetize your podcast like you monetize your blog.



Start a coaching business. (Mental health coach, Business coach, life coach, Blog coach, motivational coach). Help some one with some knowledge you already have.



Writing an e-book is another way you can make good money. Write a short novel, Write a guide, tell your story. You can choose to write whatever you want and publish it online. You can publish e-books right here >> https://kdp.amazon.com



Any freelance gig i had, It started from http://www.indeed.com and also http://www.linkedin.com. Freelancing is a good way to start off your writing/blogging journey and make money. Just watch out for crooked companies & make sure you are getting paid what you deserve.



Being a Vlogger has become worldwide now. Capture your everyday moment, or decide what you really want to vlog about, and start a channel on youtube. Youtube has made so many people rich or changed a lot of peoples lives. I think Youtube is a good resource especially for those who always has something to discuss. The same thing you blog about, you can turn it into video as well, like make tutorial videos. Think about, everyone is searching up “How to’s” all day.


Their are so many other ways as well, but that will be for the next blog. Just remember once you decide to fully quit your 9-5 and work from home, having more than one income will be helpful. Some say stick to just one, but that is honestly lame to me in my eyes. I feel that bloggers have a lot of open opportunities, especially the fact that we get noticed by companies that actually want to work with us. So please take this into consideration and think smart.




Tips & motivation on finding happiness

Oh hey it’s Wednesday! It’s mid day almost the weekend!

Thought i will kick today off with a little motivation note…


In today’s world it’s tough finding happiness when it’s so much negative things we see right in front of our eyes. It’s like sometimes we are forced with it, for an example we have streaming news & social media that reminds us every single day on what is going on in this world.

We have to focus on being comfortable with happiness. Living life how we want to and without any regrets. Finding ourselves & loving our selves. Being more mindful & being more stress free.


Trying to be happy has been one of the most hardest thing for me to do. “Literally”.

It was hard because i was battling anxiety & depression, so happiness wasn’t even part of me at all. Now that i been focusing on just myself, I seem to better off love every part of my growth i have developed over time. Don’t quit, because when you quit then you start back slowly turning into your old ways.


Happiness is the key…



I had to start being accepting. You might not let everything slide& you also might not trust everyone, but it comes a time in life when you have to let go in forgive. 

There will be people that will try to antagonize your character & bring you down but you can’t let them.


Here’s a list of facts to focus on being happy:


  • Find what makes you happy in stick to it
  • Let go of any kind of negativity that’s holding you back (friendships, relationships)
  • Focus on self-love
  • Be more mindful
  • Do a good spring cleaning
  • Create a schedule to take a day out the week to do things you enjoy
  • Go on a small or long vacay
  • Read a inspiring book
  • Watch a inspiring movie
  • Listen to a motivating podcast
  • Communicate with others that have a positive mindset
  • Get rid of things at your home that give you bad memories
  • Believe in faith
  • Accept failure


Learning how to be more happy & focus on being happy is what really will keep you leveling up. You have to know that happiness will replace any kind of stress so you can continue building, being happy will attract the right people around you. being happy only makes you stronger. Being happy will make others like you, accept you, & want you in there presence.


It’s been a journey for me but i am more than excited to just smile, and love life like no other.




Feel free to drop it down in the comments would love to here how :)…


So i know that a lot of people even myself have had problems with not feeling like ill win. Meaning, not feeling like i’m productive enough, not feeling like i have succeeded enough. Well, sometimes enough is just enough. We have to learn to be dominant, to not have a i’m going to “lose” attitude. Anything is possible, and once i realize that i began to start labeling myself as a winner. Here are 5 ways to have a winner mindset.




#1 Changing your mindset

In ordinary to have a winner mindset, you have to change your mindset. Of course everybody has their own way how they think & carry themselves, but change is change. All the negative thoughts? let it go. You can’t walk around always being negative if you always want to win. A positive mindset can get you really far in life. Think about all the good things you want to happen in the future, and no matter how much bad luck comes through, or how many times you fail, you have to be strong and move away from what’s holding you back,



#2 Let go of the toxic

Yes. You read it right, let go of the toxic. Being around toxic surroundings, and just dealing with a toxic person can drain your energy. When your energy is drained that means you will not have strength to win. Toxic also changes your mood. Always being in a bad mood will also make you lose out on more than what you think. Happiness is the key. A happy heart will get your further in life. Don’t be afraid to let go. Not everyone is meant to be in your life. 



#3 Be Authentic

Being Authentic is the best choice. I say that because when you are truthful, honest, & authentic, you will gain more respect. Especially starting a business or becoming a blogger. People want honesty, bluntness, and some one that is straight forward. 



#4 Be your self-reminder

Remind yourself about everything that is important. For an example: If you are getting into an altercation, remind yourself to not react. Remind yourself to not lose yourself. Remind yourself to not feed into negativity. Remind yourself that you are a WINNER and that you will not lose. Remind yourself to keep pushing. Moral of the story is, have self talks in your head that will remind you on what is important. 



#5 Have a plan

Make sure that you have a plan. If you don’t then work towards to having one. Having a plan will have you feeling more established, self sufficient, confident, & successful. When you feel all that is listed above then guess what? You are a WINNER!. I always have plans, even if i change them, brainstorming and planning my near future got me further then what i was, and changed me into a better woman today. It’s best to focus on what makes you happy and what will keep you going. 




        Hope you all enjoyed this blog, I also hope it was helpful & motivating.

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Welcome to Spring season my loves!

I am a huge believer in affirmations. They have worked for me absolutely in so many ways. It starts from what you tell yourself when you first get up to begin your day. Dreams, goals, success, all begins in the mind. You have to train your mind to see good in situation and i think a good way is start through affirmations.

Here are some affirmations that will help you get through whatever challenge you might be going through. I actually use these for myself.

My Post


No matter what your situation is, or whatever you are going through, always remind yourself that you will WIN. I have learned a lot on how to act on in different situations. I am here to not lose and to never give up. For a person who has faith and believe i there self, this affirmation couldn’t me more authentic enough.





Now most of the time when we are going through tough times in our lives, we think it’s going to last for eternity. We see no way out. We see a huge wall everywhere but one thing I’ve learned is that everything is temporary and nothing is forever, so eventually that wall will come down. And like the first affirmation was written, no matter what, i can NEVER LOSE.





When tough times come, we carry a heavy set of fear on our backs, stress, anxiety, depression, doubt. I tell myself all the time “NOT TODAY, NOT NEVER DEMON”. I will not worry. And i sure will not fear. There is no significance in worrying your self about being stressed. But there is every advantage in remaining calm & content. This way you can take time out to talk or write out your thoughts. You can think about solutions. So, make it a main priority when you get up each day to affirm “I WILL NOT WORRY.”






Their is absolutely nothing to hard with prayer. I mean of course everyone has their own beliefs, but i’m telling you now that prayer works. God is watching over us at all times, and although he might not answer our prayers immediately, eventually he does. You have to stay positive, patient, & determined. Prayer gives me confidence, piece, and strength.





Whichever area of your life that is challenging, affirm that “it’s life”. It’s life with my living. It’s life with my finances. It’s life with my health. It’s life with my education. It’s life with my ups & downs. Speak it out and it will come into existence. You might not believe it, but your situation is already under control you just have to trust in yourself.





No one can stop you from getting it but YOU.The goal+dreams i have for myself, may seem not believable. But, I have confidence in the facts that my future will be just fine, and that i will make it to where i want to be. There will be people who will try to bring you down, or just something that might try to hold you back, but don’t act on it. No one can stop you from getting to it unless you allowed them to.


So, these are the affirmations I say each day and they have kept me grounded & leveled. I would love to read some of yours if you feel comfortable dropping them down in the comments that will be dope.


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As an adult we may cope with our stress differently from one another. And it’s pretty damn annoying when you consistently try to work on getting over your stress but everything just comes falling down at the same time. Sucks right?! I mean i always try to practice ways to get over my stress, and yes i found plenty of solutions to help with that, but why can’t life just be peaceful and stress free?.. I guess it’s part of humanity huh?!



First off take time to follow through thisΒ stress roller coaster you are going through.Β It’s ok to talk to yourself, we have to figure ourselves out first before anyone else. So don’t feel like something is wrong with you. I mean you will be surprised how many people talk to there selves. Anyways… Ask your self simple questions

For an example:Β 

Why am i stressed out?

What can i do to relieve this stress?

What stress level i am at between 1-10?

You don’t have to specifically ask yourself these questions but i advise you to figure out the main problem first.


“We can repeatedly tell ourselves we aren’t stressing, but holding it in and not being truthful only makes things worst…live your truth, and fix it” -SB


So we have different ways how we handle stress one way or the other. Some people like myself show there most tempered side, and some show there emotional side. Either way, you can find different ways to help lower your stress level.




Here are a few things that helped me and might can help someone else:

  1. Write in a journal
  2. Get professional help (Therapist, Counseling, Coaching sessions)Β 
  3. Go on a social media diet. Meaning, stay off social media for a couple days “It works”.
  4. Talk to a close friend/family member
  5. Go on a self-care outing. Find something you like to do that you don’t do often but it makes you feel good.
  6. Boxing + Yoga Class + Zumba Class + Gym
  7. Sip & Paint class.



For the most part, I think through out our lives we will have stress that will come in and leave. We will go through the bad, we will go through the good, and sometimes we will go through both at the same damn time! Finding your happiness and your peace of mind should always be your focus. Sometimes overwhelming yourself and who the person you are becoming can take a toll on you. That’s why no matter what i try to mentally work on myself first. It was a point of time in my life that i didn’t focus on me like i should have. I’m sure a lot of others relate. Focus on caring for your self, and finding out different techniques that will help you in the long run. Stress is a silent disaster, so lets work on making stress less of an issues instead of one. Practice mindfulness, practice self-care, practice on how to be a better you.


This Article was inspired by one of my readers :). They were curious on how i react to stress and wanted me to give out some tips i use to help me through out this journey. Hope you enjoyed this blog and please feel free to go to my “Ask” tab and ask whatever questions you like and ill definitely respond!


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6 self-care facts for stressful days

When your life becomes more stressful and overwhelming sometimes sleeping it off isn’t always just quite enough. I feel that taking time out and actually working on the things that are bothersome can be a bit challenging but 100% worth trying. I have learned so much about facts on self-care that don’t always mean it have to be the simple things like getting a massage or drinking chamomile tea. 

My #1 thought now is to focus on more of my inner self then my outer self. Learning how to block out unwanted bullsh*t, and focusing on your mind&body should always be your motive. I learned how to dump the past me and let go of things not worth me bringing into my life today. I feel more at ease when i begin to do my own research on fixing my issues dealing with stress. So here are a few facts that might help you.






Learning to focus on you more, is helping you build your self-confidence. SAY NO SOMETIMES!

It’s totally fine to be confused, and to allow yourself to not be committed and to be responsible for other people. I know it is some people out there like myself probably made (promises&commitments) to do things they second guessed about agreeing to. If you are unsure, just know you don’t have to and not obligated to. SET LIMITS for yourself.

β€œStop giving more to others then you are giving to yourself, focus on you more even if it sounds selfish.”






Everyone bodies react differently when they are under some kind of stress, but most people still feel the same symptoms. You start to feel weak, heart beating at a much faster pace, break out in the face, muscles tighten up, and so much more. To deal with these random stress symptoms, you have to train your mind to notice every sign of stress so you will know how to respond in stressful situations. Practice breathing techniques to help you relax better. These are some techniques i do that help me out a lot i found online on http://www.sarahrosecoaching.com very helpful! been using these for a little bit!






Turn off your old thoughts and write down some new ones. You deserve a good mental cleanse. Try journaling, free thoughts writing, or get on your laptop, go to your note pad and type away. You have to process it all through and not just rush into your thoughts. My favorite thing to do is a Mental Cleanse←Click that if curious. 





Are you taking time out to think things through? Are you focusing on what is important instead of what is not? Are you worrying more than caring less about irrelevant things? Have you ever thought that maybe you need to take time out to figure out what are you really stressing for and what can you do to let it go? Maybe you trying to do more than what you can even handle. Pay attention and look at back then and now and see where exactly is things falling off so you can fix them.






So yoga has been one of the things that have helped me a lot when i am stressed. You can try so many yoga techniques  Try downloading apps or finding online yoga classes so you can stay in the comfort of your own home. Lately i been using Yogaburn, not only it helped me to lose some pounds it helped me relieve a lot of stress. Just click the yoga burn tab for more information. Promise you it’s worth it!




Sometimes we get caught up into situations that has nothing to do with US. Drama, Drama, Drama is something you don’t need added to your stress. Easy said then done that sometimes the company you keep try to drag you in there mess and you have to learn how to just say no, or not just feed into it. No matter how much you love your friends and family members sometimes it’s best to love them from a distance. Now when someone vent it is totally fine, venting is healthy and sometimes we need to express ourselves. But…going back & forth and dealing with toxic people can be overwhelming and put you in a bad place. You have to learn how to take a step and putting your guards up between you and them by protecting your happiness, energy, and ability to focus on your own problems.

 “At a time in my life i always felt obligated, but when i realize that i was to in tuned with everyone else problems instead of mines, i realized i had to let go. When i begin to stay out the mix, i started to be more happy, now i wake up with more happiness in my heart, and less worry”




I wonder how many others have any thing they do for themselves when life gets hectic? Please drop down in the comments! I would love to learn some new facts or see if someone has something in common with me ;).


Hope all is well and that you all enjoyed this blog. Feel free to go to my “ask” tab to ask me questions or give me some suggestions for me. I’ll love that ;)!


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Middle day naps are definitely a thing right? Well i know it is, because a lot of people like even myself always get tired between 2pm-6pm. Power naps are good for your health and productivity. But to keep going and not always be slumpish it’s ways you can help that. We have to try to avoid midday slump and focus on our health because being slump isn’t necessary always lazy, it can be lack of energy as well. COFFEE isn’t a healthy choice, although i love it like crazy, but it’s other things we need to keep us ready to go! Here are a few tips that might can help, like it did for me!






          #1 AVOID SUGAR 

If you depend on sugar because you have a sweet tooth, then you probably know that those effects are very temporary. The β€œ2 pm sugar urge is serious. Just stick to water and stay away from sugary drinks. I always keep fresh fruit with me if i’m at work or just on the move to get rid of that sugar craving.





Being dehydrated cause fatigue and lack of energy, make sure you drink water. I usually add things to my water like, ginger, mint leafs, cucumber, and lemon. That give the water a little taste and its also healthy for you. If you add the list of things i add to my water it helps release body toxins, improve digestive health,  and boost your energy. You can also research “Detox water” on google and can find a list of other ideas you can add to your water as well.



                    #3 SNACK SMARTER

First off, it’s always good to keep a healthy snack on you, especially at work or when you are out. But what are you snacking on? Chips? Candy? or things with loads of sugar? If so let it go. Make a nice homemade snack. Like for an example when i am going to work, or i am at home working and just know ill be working long hours, I make a platter of fruit, or i make Granola Bars (homemade). You can also do your research on healthy snacks to eat. Anyways, you will be less likely to make unhealthy decisions and it will you be energized and feel 100% good health wise.



                #4 MORNING WALK (SET ALARM)

So i always say taking a walk at least 20-30 mins a day is the best, because it makes you feel more motivated, that you got up and got out. Taking walks reduced risk of heart disease, stroke, improve your balance, make your bones stronger, and it helps cures the body in a fit way. It also boost your daily energy and helps from being so slumpish. When i do my morning walks, I already have plans right after so i have no choice but to hit the shower and finish my day. Even on days i don’t be as busy i still make sure i get that walk in and i feel so much at ease.




Sitting at the desk for longer than an hour will make you incredibly lazy and you will have loss of energy to even get up and do other things. Every hour at my desk i get up, stretch, and sometimes go step outside. Try finding desk exercises, i also go to https://greatist.com/fitness/deskercise-33-ways-exercise-work to get some tips to do at my desk. Which helped a lot! Sitting at the desk for a long period of time also will make you have back issues also, and you definitely don’t want that especially all the Millennials.






Interesting facts about starting a blog 2019

Hey everyone,

Starting a blog is amazing, and definitely a smart choice. Blogging can turn from an hobby to a career. But, becoming a blogger can also be a little intimidating because you have to remember, in ordinary to even blog you have to somewhat be in the spotlight. Not saying you have to try to be a “celebrity” or some “social media famous person”, but you have to build an audience to even get your blogs notice. For some people it’s hard because they either can be shy, not really communicative but better at just writing everything out, or whatever else that’s holding you back. Starting a blog can also be challenging+hard, especially if it’s your first time. Well today i am going to show you a few ways you need to become a successful blogger and what helped me through out this journey then+now.




HOW TO START A BLOG: For Beginners

  1. Find a blogging platform. I recommend “Word press” but it’s another 1 called “Blue host”
  2. SIGN UP “Don’t stall time” What are you waiting for?
  3. find a nice domain name “Either your name, or pick a real dope promising name”
  4. Pick a theme. Don’t rush, take your time, make sure your theme looks presentable.
  5. Monetize your blog. If you want to test out your blogging skills first, then you can, but monetizing is whats going to make you your money honey!
  6. Find a niche
  7. Publish your first blog post. Find a topic. You can talk about whatever you desire. Here are a few blog post ideas Click this β‡’: 48 Blog Post Ideas



Now, lets talk about SEO. SEO is the process of optimizing your online content so that a search engine likes to show it as a top result for searches of a certain keyword. You can earn ORGANIC & PAID TRAFFIC. Which is important, you definitely will need visitors+audience. You can use sites like MOZ & AHREFS to help with traffic. Make sure you create content that’s the best on the web for the topic and keyword you’ve chosen. For an example: 5 ways how to stay healthy. Think about it, there are so many people searching that all day long on google. You have to spend a lot of time promoting your brand and striving to reach the goal you know you need to achieve to become a successful blogger.


Internal linking. Always add links in your blog post, it will help google+others navigate your site. Links from one site to another, will definitely give you more exposure in a (good way). 

                         SOCIAL MEDIA:


Use social media to drive your followers+others of converting traffic to your blogs. Instagram has where you can post ads and can pay as low as $1 to reach even more people. You can also pick an location where you want your blogs to be seen. Like you can put “UK” “TEXAS”, or just any location you wish to choose from. 

Facebook is also a good option. With Facebook you can create a page for your blogs, and you can actually invite your friends+. You can also use there promotion system like Instagram. You can get shares, likes, etc. For an example:


I spent $20, but look how many people i reached.  Look at my engagement. I also post informative niche on other Facebook groups + meet new people. So yes! that’s when it gets good, good.

Also other social medias you can use is:

  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Snap Chat




Creating high quality images are simple, affordable, quick, and fun. Now days in this world it’s definitely a good look when you have high quality images. Images make it more easier for others to understand your content or get the idea you are giving them.

So where can you create dope images?

Heres a few tools:


Use good formats, add graphs, charts, make small guides, so you can look like an true expert. A well formatted post makes it easier for your readers to see if they will be even interested to continue reading. It have to be an eye catcher. Think as if it was you.

How to do get formatting?:

  • Write short paragraphs (no more than 4 to 5 lines at the most
  • Insert high quality images through out your blog
  • Use Bullets+Numbers | to basically point out information like tips+ideas etc
  • Divide
  • Subjects+Headers

You can also use our #1 source Google to research other free platforms.


Start off using this information first, and stay on the look out for the second part to this post. I enjoy sharing anything i have learned and discovered through out my time blogging. I’m still learning, and finding out something new everyday. Blogging has become more than an hobby for me. I will continue to strive hard to get my blog out in front of millions of eyes. I hope this blog was helpful. I also have 1 on 1 training now to show others how to start a blog from scratch. Email me if interested or if you have any other inquiries. 


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Leaving the past behind: Tips on learning to move on



Forgiveness is important when learning to move on and leaving the past behind. It’s not just about forgiving others for the hurt and pain they might have caused you. It is also about you forgiving yourself overall. When we consistently remind ourselves those situations in our heads, over and over again, we fall into that mental state of staying stuck in the past. It’s a on going cycle that will not stop unless that thought is broken. The only person who can break that though is you.

But also forgiving is not only about forgiving others, letting go isn’t just about letting go of the past. It’s also about letting go of toxic relationships, negative thoughts/surroundings, bad habits, and bad beliefs. It’s about letting go of the false things we keep re-minding ourselves with, over and over again. Be committed to letting go, self discipline is needed sometimes.




There comes a time when everything you go through in life might just repeats itself. Usually, it’s things like:

  • Being argumentative
  • Being in denial
  • Holding on to the past
  • Refusing to let go
  • Blaming others for your actions
  • Using your past circumstances as today


Sadly to say, some of the things we forever hold on to and the cycle we tend to create are ruinous and will lead a negative impact on our lives. Now there are some that actually use their past as motivation to move forward and to keep going, but their is also others who make up excuses to continuously be at stuck mode. Why? Because it’s more simple to make up excuses and living a lie, which we know we shouldn’t be doing at all.



Change doesn’t necessary always happen right when you want it to. Most of the time we are forced into change. Accept that things aren’t going to always go your way and move on from it and just hope for better. Sometimes things aren’t just meant, but you have to realize that change is part of our lives. It is growth.

We can go through the most toughest storms but you definitely never want to stick in the past, be willing to let go of anything that’s not worth holding on to.



Sometimes expressing how you feel openly can be a good choice. Hiding your feelings honestly can make you feel worst. Be free, be open to express yourself in whatever way makes you feel good, just do it without no fear. Self-care is very important. It is tiresome holding up balled up feelings and not getting any kind of relief. Top three things i do to express myself openly.

  • Write in journal
  • Counseling
  • Call some one close

Growing up and making changes is a big effort, but it definitely takes a lot of work. Be patient, beΒ authentic,Β be willing to move forward and more open to new things in life.



Stop blaming others of your actions. We all have our own mindset and the way we look at things, and can’t no one stop the way we think, unless you see a DIFFERENCE!Β Own up to mistakes, and always remember that failure comes with all of this. Don’t put yourself down and blame yourself for anybody actions NOT EVEN YOURS! I use to blame myself for everything because i didn’t believe in myself or anyone else. All i did was put pressure on myself and blame me for every problem, when i know i shouldn’t have.Β 

I was so insecure but now i found myself. I learned to put the past behind me and move forward. You can’t control everything that happens because maybe it was meant for it to happen that way. Leave the past, blaming, and negative energy somewhere else. You are wise enough to find peace and happiness within yourself and others. Remember you have the power, you have the strength, use it. NO EXCUSES!Β 


I hope this blog was helpful or some what helpful. Please feel free to check out my other blogs, and contact me personally if you have any inquiries.