Keep good energy flowing

I can say that settling in my own energy has by far been keeping me at an all time high. It’s like I can’t stay stressed for too long, or be overwhelmed. My comfortability & confidence with my soul will not let me break or fall. Once you mastered at becoming comfortable with change, you will see a difference. Sometimes it’s happiness waiting right in your face for you to take action.

Don’t let anyone suck up the good energy you have strived for. Honestly, now days it’s so much i can tolerate from people, so once you bring negative vibes my way I’m instantly cutting you off. Don’t tolerate nothing that’s not supporting your habit of being happy. But remember we make our own choices & decisions. So always be my mindful & true to yourself. Anything pertaining to your self is your responsibility.

Overthinking also can play a part of having low energy. Our minds is very powerful, and sometimes thinking about the wrong things at the wrong time can really make things hard for us mentally. Over-thinkers, overthink every little problem until it becomes bigger and scarier than it actually is and that right there isn’t healthy. Distract your mind purposely by doing things that keep you busy. Like for an example I go to the beach. The beach for me is so peaceful & relaxing, that any little problems I’m facing aren’t even on my mind.

Anyways, keep that good energy flowing & growing.. you got this ✨

XoXo Seqouiab