3 Ways To Find Motivation When You Have None – LIFESTYLE

Feeling unmotivated can happen to the best of us and sometimes you get into such a slouchy mood that even thinking about making positive changes to your lifestyle, it seems way too hard. Lack of motivation can be the biggest fumble to achieving your goals. But its never too late for change, because there is plenty of motivational tips + techniques that can help you. But be aware that every motivational tip may not help for you like it did for the next. Sometimes what doesnt help for you can steer you in the direction to something that probably can help.

Here are 5 ways to help you find motivation when you have none:

1. Get outside with nature

Sitting in the house because you consider yourself a homebody can eventually mentally drain you without you actually knowing its draining you. Sometimes seeing other humans walking around or seeing the birds fly back & forth, or just viewing the beautiful greenery can be so therapeutic. Dont get it wrong I have my days where I slip up also because sometimes I rather be no where else but my bed, and also at times I feel like my motivation is very low. Of course it doesnt last for too long because I have to shake that off eventually. Getting outside in nature and changing your environment can spark your motivation and inspiration 100%!

2. Find your new (favorite)

Whats your favorite thing to do? I had to start doing things I like to do more. Sometimes I forget about making things about myself more often. Its okay to make your hobby an habit. Its okay to at least take one day out the week to have some fun. Like my favorite things to do the most is listening to a uplifting + motivating podcast. It keeps my soul at ease. Make your new favorite, your n矇e routine.

3. Brain Dumping

Having so much on your mind? Its hard to sleep at night? Your brain feels completely heavy? I definitely get it. Same here. Sometimes we clutter our brains with problems & things thats not in our control. Can we relieve ourselves from doing so? Of course. What I do when I brain dump is get a note pad, and I write out everything thats on my mind in order. I light some candles, pour a glass of wine just to get a vibe going, may even play some music. But best believe that pen is going to work.


-The Fobem

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Keep good energy flowing

I can say that settling in my own energy has by far been keeping me at an all time high. Its like I cant stay stressed for too long, or be overwhelmed. My comfortability & confidence with my soul will not let me break or fall. Once you mastered at becoming comfortable with change, you will see a difference. Sometimes its happiness waiting right in your face for you to take action.

Dont let anyone suck up the good energy you have strived for. Honestly, now days its so much i can tolerate from people, so once you bring negative vibes my way Im instantly cutting you off. Dont tolerate nothing thats not supporting your habit of being happy. But remember we make our own choices & decisions. So always be my mindful & true to yourself. Anything pertaining to your self is your responsibility.

Overthinking also can play a part of having low energy. Our minds is very powerful, and sometimes thinking about the wrong things at the wrong time can really make things hard for us mentally. Over-thinkers, overthink every little problem until it becomes bigger and scarier than it actually is and that right there isnt healthy. Distract your mind purposely by doing things that keep you busy. Like for an example I go to the beach. The beach for me is so peaceful & relaxing, that any little problems Im facing arent even on my mind.

Anyways, keep that good energy flowing & growing.. you got this

XoXo Seqouiab

How Im manifesting, how you can manifest

I always tell myself I am special, and that I can be anything I want in life as long as I continue to manifest. Manifesting is very much real but only if you put faith in yourself. Its a lot of times I didnt have faith, not one bit. And dont get me wrong, sometimes I still lose that faith. But we arent going to go into that because all that is going to change. Its time to focus on positivity, growth, progression, & maturity. By manifesting your dreams, goals, and wants, it will keep you motivated. Manifest the life you want by guiding your your energy and emotions to shape your own reality. And as long as you stay motivated and you believe in yourself, then manifestations will come to the light. Before I really started having faith in my manifestations I had to watch who I had around me. And here to say that having people with a negative aura is not good for your energy. Its draining. Its stressful. Its a road towards falling behind. Not everyone want to see you shine. Unlock your greatest potential by the power of your mindset. Because one thing about our mind, it controls us.

Get some crystals, light some candles, and manifest 唐..

Also, I am big on crystals. Manifesting with crystals has really worked for me. Its not about magic, myths, spells, etc. Its about believing in your manifestations while using positive things that helps.

Keep striving you got this! I believe in you!

I will be writing more blogs about manifesting as well! Stay tuned!

XoXo Seqouia

The benefits of connecting with yourself + nature

Ever since I’ve been in tuned with myself, things has been a little different. I’ve been connecting with myself & nature. And the benefits of it is amazing, no matter what I go through. Once I mastered on how to focus on myself and to connect with nature, I always notice a drastic change in my life. Some people are shocked on how they see such a different Seqouia, or even how I react to situations now.

I can literally write a book of all the things I have & currently still going through. But it’s no need for a pity party. My #1 goal is (getting through it) we will run through so many obstacles in our lives especially women, because we have it the hardest mentally & physically. So I always kept that in mind.

But the big question is, what is the benefits of connecting with nature?

*Increases creativity

*Keeps emotions in control

*Steady stability

*Improves memory

*Increases gratitude

*Enjoying being out doors

It’s so many ways you can connect with nature such as:

*Taking a walk

*Relaxing by trees (getting that good ole oxygen)

*Find outdoor activities to do in the sun (like painting at the park)

*Meditate outdoors

*Have outdoor drinks (Wine, tea, or coffee)

All these might seem a little cringe, but sometimes the simplest things can be a life changer.

It’s a true fact that our body is supposed to have contact with the earth as much as possible. Mother nature is what keeps us going. We can still do things the natural way. Although humans are spoiled because all the things that were created to make life easier for us.

It’s always room to [ restore – refresh – renew ]

So there you have it. Those are some of the ways you can get outside to ground & connect with nature. Using your creative ways to make space in your day to get outside and have a breather. It takes no time out your day to put yourself first. Your mental health is important. And it’s so many ways to make changes in your life for better.

Xo Xo _Seqouia

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3 Ways I calm my anxiety

If you personally know me, or have read my blogs in the past. Then you definitely know my history of having anxiety. First I was very discreet when it came to having anxiety. Why? I have no clue! But once I noticed that suffering from anxiety was basically the new norm because its so many others who suffer from it to. I became more comfortable with sharing my issues. I also had to realize that stress plays a big part of anxiety. Learning to identify what anxiety actually is, was very helpful for me.

Here are some things I love to do to help ease my mind or return to a sense of calm:

1. The most important thing to do when I am having a bad day or just feeling anxiety is to literally say in my mind or to silently to myself This is totally normal. It is absolutely fine for me to be feeling this way or having these feelings. I just need to be light on myself today. It is normal for emotions to flow naturally and embracing this makes you feel so good. Allowing yourself to feel it all and having empathy for yourself will get you through

2. When I wake up and can tell right away that I am feeling anxious I will usually rearrange my day to be a tad bit more slow paced then usual. If I have anything important to do I try rescheduling for another day. Usually when I put everything on pause it instantly makes me feel more calm. And me being this way when it comes to not being able to make it somewhere due to personal issues makes me more understanding when someone has to cancel plans or reschedule on me, especially knowing it might make their day feel a lot easier.

3. Doing my hobbies before bed has been amazing and relaxing for my mind. Im an big over thinker and at night my mind races with situations Ive been through or wondering what others are thinking. Getting all cozy, making my kids snacks, reading a book, listening to a relaxing podcast, bullet journal, looking up business ideas, anything! It is so mindless and I have been able to have such fulfilling nights which leads to better sleep for me.

These are the three things that keeps me calm when my anxiety is kicking in. What keeps you calm? Let me know I would love to hear yours!

See you soon on the next blog

XoXo The Fobem

Change your mindset, and you will win

All my life I have always been an over thinker. I also even jumped into the negative side as well at some point in my life. I didn’t really have faith or believe in myself like I should’ve. Which makes a lot of since why today I go hard for myself more than anyone. I never used my past on the reason why I can’t make changes, and for that particular reason, I believe that’s the whole point of why I am now so strong. Building confidence takes time when you never really had it, so I always paced myself and knew that some day I will get there and be just as confident and brave like others. Especially being a person whom always fed into negativity.

So my message to whoever that is reading this. I want you to know, no matter what you go through in life, you will get through it. Some people battles might be a little more challenging but you can still get through it. It all starts off with the mind first. Remember our minds control everything about us, we think about everything before we even do it.

Everyday you wake up, you should be thinking positive. When you go to sleep you should be thinking positive. Any company around you, should be positive. You should make sure your aura at all times is at peace. Peace plays a big part as well in our daily lives. As long as you know who you are, and what you need to work on as a person, a mom, a father, a friend, a lover, that’s what matters. You acknowledging your flaws and knowing that it’s things you will work on to become a better version of yourself.

You got this.. You will win… You will be happier.. You will be stronger… You will be dedicated…

Don’t be afraid of change, because change is definitely not afraid of you. As humans we are designed to go through things and to figure ourselves out. Sometimes we have to find ourselves the hard way and it’s totally ok. Be patient and protect your mind, body, & soul, while you are transitioning to a new person, with new goals, and new manifestations.

1. Restart

2. Refresh

3. Renew

Once again. YOU GOT THIS!!!

Thanks all, have a good day/night from my side of earth!

A couple gifts i discovered i had

Hey everyone!! Welcome to The Fobem Blog if your new. I hope your day/night is going well. Sending out love & healing from my side of the world.

So I have discovered gifts about myself. And it’s honestly crazy because i kind of noticed little things about me, but i never really got into my own spirituality until last year during Covid. With this gift i noticed that i am very Intuitive, and that allows me to read people before they even open up there mouth. It’s scary sometimes, because normally what i predict about that person it always becomes true. That right there would always leave me lost for words, because it’s like wow girl how did you even figure this person out?! Also, i’m like a energy detector. Someone can walk in the room, and it’s like whether the energy is good or bad, I soak it in and i can feel it strongly. If it’s bad, I will more than likely be quiet and not say too many words. One thing about me, if I don’t like your vibe or feel like your not good energy i will not fake it at all. My silence pretty much will sum up everything. If i love your energy, you get the best out of me.

I can truly say it’s a blessing to be able to be intuitive, because it’s protecting myself, and sparing my feelings. Even with dating, I can tell if someone is being genuine or they are completely no good for my soul. So yes, being intuitive is definitely a gift. And i am more than certain it’s others out there with the same gift as me.

Okay, now with this gift i realized a lot of people love venting to me. And when they vent to me, it’s like i already knew how a situation they were in was going to turn out or i was semi close to knowing. How? I don’t have an idea. So it’s like i instantly connect with them, and i give them really good advice. I noticed that the advice i give is always valid, and I make people feel really secure and i love it. Healing those, who needs to be healed always makes me rewind back to me crying out for help and wishing people could’ve done the same for me, or maybe i just didn’t connect to people like how they connected with me i’m not sure. But these two gifts i’ve noticed i have, is changing a lot about myself. All though i might step back into my ways but suddenly i been more on the positive side then anything. And positive is always good.

That is all, felt like sharing this because it’s important to me. And whom ever reads my blogs are also important to me. So sharing this definitely made me feel so much more relieved. If you have a gift please share it, I would love to see some of you’ll gifts you discovered. Don’t let anyone make you feel as if your making things up or it’s not true, only you know the real and know what goes on within yourself. But anyways, see you soon on the next blog!


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Free Speaking Friday: Vision, Plan, Motivation, Free talk

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all have a great day.

Do you all have a vision? or is it just me? Like do you crave something other than food, like a new lifestyle, a new scenery, or another way of making more income? That’s me, but i have been this way for a while. It’s like i’m content with my life, but i know i need and want better.


I can see myself living in the south in a ranch with acres of green land surrounding my home , with beautiful trees & vegetable gardens. I always said I want to live far from everyone and be in my own element. I guess my free spirited & nature loving ways get to me I suppose. I just really have my own sense of taste, sense of humor, and enjoy the thrill of being alone and away. This is my vision and this is what I desire.


My plan is to continue to work hard on my business I created & my blogging. Eventually I plan to open up more sources of income, but for now this is my only two focuses. I cant live how i desire without having a plan, and turning that plan into goals, and achieving those goals so I can level up. So its only right that I stick to the script.


Honestly, what motivates me now is my kid. I now have a kid to make things happen for. Our children is our future. Now of course I also am my own motivation because I have to push my own self to keep pursuing my dreams. I have played a big part of falling behind, losing hope, & just never having any ambition on succeeding in life, and thats what kind of had me behind at a point of time. So yes to everyone we do have to be our own motivation to or else we will continue to fail. And thats what we are not doing!


Im just happy that I have been focused and not surrounding myself with bad energy. Things has been very peaceful my way. I have been traveling, and enjoying life to the fullest. I am not in that dark place anymore and its the best feeling ever. I fought through mental health on my on and all though I have my days, its only temporary. So to wake up feeling relieved from stressed & mentally free is a blessing.

Every Friday Ill be freely speaking, and just discussing things about myself, life, goals , etc. Tune in next Friday .

4 Ways you can start practicing habits of choosing self-love

Now days self-love has been mentioned a lot more. But lets admit that learning to love yourself is one of the most powerful and important things you can do in life. While its also important to love yourself, we tend to find that area of self-love a mental block. When you practice self-love, we cultivate a healthy personal bond with ourselves and become our own bestfriend.

Here are 4ways you can start practicing habits of choosing self-love:


When was the last time have you acknowledged your strengths? When was was the last time have you looked at yourself in the mirror and said things you like about yourself? Make a list of those things, write it down, read it daily until it permanently sticks to your brain. Treat this list like its your own personal daily reminder.


What are your needs? Write down a list of your needs and take action. Sometimes we are quick to help others with there needs and not put ours first. Its ok, you just have a heart of gold. But its ok to take time out for yourself and start telling people no.


Remember confidence is key. You tearing yourself down is whats stopping you from prospering. Have confidence in yourself in every aspect. Lets work on loving the thought of who you are because no matter what there is no one in this world like you and thats what makes you unique.


When learning to love ourselves we focus plenty of time and attention on our bodies. And how we feel inside our bodies affects how we feel outside of our bodies. You definitely want your body to feel loved and not disconnected. So its very important that part of your self-love routine you do things that make you feel great internally.

Lifestyle changes that can make you more happy and less overwhelmed

Hello good evening everyone from my side of the universe. Hope you all have a wonderful day/night and Im sending out healing + power from my inner soul to yours.

First before I get into this blog lets do some quick healing tension release exercises.

Step 1: roll your shoulders forward 10x and then roll it backwards 10x.

Step 2: Stretch your arms. Stretch your left arm and reach over to the right, and stretch your right arm and reach over to the left.

Step 3: Make some all natural herbal tea if no tea make hot water and add lemon. Sip.

Lets be truthful no matter how annoyed we can get or how bad our day went, somehow we still want to be happy. Definitely the truth. Who wants to live there life in misery? Who always want to be stressed out, or agitated all the time? Happiness can give you a sense of self commitment, satisfaction, and healing power for strength. Having joy on a day to day basis will always keep you in a great mood. Here I will list simple different lifestyle changes that may can help.



Physical activity can be life changing. Not getting any kind of exercise in, can turn into an insecurity because you will be unhappy that youre unfit or your unhappy because youre engaging into exercises that arent so amusing to you. So you have to find a work out you enjoy and have fun with it. Like me, I love walking. All I need is music, and Im ready to go!


Traveling is definitely a form of self care. Some people feel that traveling is expensive, but honestly all you have to do is plan where you really want to go, prioritize your money, save, & then book. Stop making up excuses because excuses is a form of negativity, and thinking negative is just going to hold you back.


Time to start focusing on your health & well being. Many people including myself didnt really take my well being & health serious, and one thing you not supposed to do is underestimate that. Once health conditions or an injury occur, you will began to start being unhappy and blaming yourself. Which that will only make things more difficult for you. So stay focus, and take care of yourself.


What is it that you really enjoy doing? Dont know? Try to find some activities to do and see what catches your best interest. Its not like doing things that keeps a smile on your face. Me, I like going to the bar, beach, or swimming at my mom house. It keeps me leveled.

Hope your utilize these 4 steps. It dont really take much to change up your lifestyle. Just be determined, confident, & strong minded so you can keep focus.

Head to the next blog 撾儭.





Sometimes relationships can take a toll on you. Trust me i know. It has with me, and when i say it has broke me down to the point where ill cry everyday of the week, every night before bed, and it drove me to numerous headaches. So i definitely can relate to a lot of women out there who is suffering or suffered from heart break. And of course there will be people telling you Its going to be okay, dont cry Forget him You deserve better. Sometimes we dont take there advice right away because we dont feel its enough.

I remember i use to always say im done, and will wake up feeling so different and relieved, but deep down its this little piece of me that some how kept me thinking of him. Thats when i knew i wasnt officially over him. And its a feeling that was there for so long that i didnt even know how to get rid of it. Thats the most fucked up feeling ever!

When i realized that nothing wasnt enough, I knew right then and there that i had to figure out how to get out, like literally GET THE HELL OUT!.

Im sure there is a lot of other women out there that has these same feelings as me or had them. But whats so cold is that, women now days dont uplift or support one another any more. So many women are in competition and always want to tease other women for getting played or hurt. WHY?!. I cant even answer that but if you have the answer to it please let me know!

Honestly i can admit, that a lot of women in my generation is becoming more and more weak. It sounds mean, but i am just being honest. Women are selling their body, talking down on themselves, not knowing their worth, giving up on their careers, cutting off there friends & families, and doing so much all for MEN!. Now i am not speaking for every woman, but it is a lot of women that are doing this. It breaks my heart because men take advantage of this and sometimes we dont see it because we are blinded by love, and thats not even really love. We think we are in love, but we are really just trapped at the moment and cant find our way out because we cant see ourselves without them or dont want no one else to have them. The world is pretty fucked! and everyday it is becoming worse.

But something has to be done. Women need to fight for there strength. Its time to strive more harder to be stronger and to never experience the feeling of pain again. Yea it sounds typical, and definitely sounds too good to be true. But how much longer are we going to continue to let men put us through heart break? How much longer will we continue to let men take our woman hood away, and our pride?

Some women like myself always thought revenge was the best route, and hurting them back. I realize thats not worth it. You can make them hurt more in so many other ways then being cruel & revengeful.

Here are 6 tips that may can help you with beating heartbreak:

#1 FIND THE PROBLEM (Write it down)

Figure out why exactly you cant get over that person. What is holding you back? Why do you feel you cant let go? Write down these questions down and answer them. That will kind of get you an outlook on everything.


Write the good, and the bad. If their are more cons, then you should know what needs to be done. Every time the bad outweigh the good then its NO GOOD! Thats already a red light that your relationship is pretty much done.


When you kill someone off with silence, that get to them more than anything. Sometimes you have to ignore your way out of the problem because once its already toxic, it is unrepairable. Im not saying that some toxic relationships dont change, but the ones that dont change can not be FIXED! And a lot of people fail to realize that. You want to show someone better than you can tell them after all the months/years you been crying for there help, love, and sorrow? Go straight mute on that ass! 


Find what makes you happy. Sometimes you dont realize what brings happiness to your life anymore because you focus more on making your significant other who isnt making you happy at all. Experience new things, try things you have always wanted to do but havent. Stop holding back and see whats out there besides an relationship that can fulfill your needs.


Therapy can possibly help. Sometimes you need someone to dig deep through the mind and can really tell you your problem. Its a therapist job to heal your mind & soul, and help you look at life differently. I have tried therapy before, and i wish i never stopped. Definitely on my list to start back going again. I can tell you i am a lot more stronger now then i was in the past. So yes, it can help you.

#6 ONE LAST LETTER (Release all the pain)

This is another way i feel that is really helpful. You dont want to physically talk to that person because if you do, either they will ignore you or cut you off? Well write they ass a letter! Sometimes writing can really ease the pain because you dont have to worry about talking to that person and feel like your talking to casper. Men have away of making women feel (DUMB), and that get to us badly. What i mean is, men will ignore you, put on there earphones while you are talking to them, walk away, and so much other rude shit! So some way some how they have to see how you feel right? Thats why i said write it out, seal it up, and either mail it to them, or drop it off them. When your done writing your letter, go to a quiet place, and let it out! Cry, scream, shout, and just release all the negative & bad energy out your body/soul. Let that be your last!