52 Blogging Ideas For Starting a Blog

What to blog about? No. What is there to blog about?

It can be pretty difficult when trying to come up with a blogging niche or blog ideas can be super hard when you’re just starting out or randomly getting writers block. But, starting a blog means you have to create content consistently, especially if you are planning to take your blog to the next level.

But what do you do?….

Β You find ideas what to blog about. You find a niche for your blog. Then you just go for it without no hesitation.Β 

When i say with no hesitation, I mean, choose whatever that comes to mind even if you never use that niche again. It’s about giving out good content, and being your authentic self.

A good niche will help you grow more audience and more traffic. I will show you how.

I listed 52 blog ideas on what to blog about. This will definitely help you when it comes to how many different blogging ideas for your niche you can come up with, or give you some serial ideas.


1. Business Blogging Ideas

First off in the process of starting a blog, (monetize) it. This is how i started making an income out of blogging.

If you have the knowledge & experience to help others, you can start a blog teaching and helping others.

#1 Freelance Writing

#2 Digital Marketing

#3Β Life coaching

#4 Business coaching

#5 Printables

#6 E-books

#7 Health and wellness

#8 Youtube

#9 Life Coaching

#10 Relationship Coaching

#11 Instagram Marketing

#12 Facebook Marketing

#13 Pinterest Marketing

#14 Fashion

#15 Photography

#16 Social Media

#17 Fitness

blogger text

2. Relationships

Are you good at helping other’s in their relationship. Do you give really good tips? It doesn’t matter if their single or married, you can help online with your blog by sharing anything you know about relationships.

#18 Dating

#19 How to prevent a break up

#20 Long distance relationship

#21 Couples therapyΒ 

#22 Interracial relationship

#23Β Healthy relationship

#24 Loving relationship



3. DIY

DIY is a great idea for your blog, especially if you are creative and have a lot of ideas to share & teach others.

#25 Furniture

#26 Homemade skincare products

#27 Homemade teeth whiteningΒ 

#28 Fashion

#29 Hair products

#30 Recipes

#31Β Meal planning

#32 Home office

#33 Decor for cheap

#34 Paintings

#35 Renovations


4. Finance

Finance is big in our world, you can help a lot of people or a core set of people. It’s up to you how you want to do it, but a lot of people need tips on budgeting and where to go to make money.

#36 Personal Finance

#37 Freelancing

#38 Paying off debt

#39 Saving money

#40 Make money blogging

#41 Side hustle

#42 Make money from home

#43 BudgetingΒ 


5. Educational Blogging Ideas

Educational type of blogs are more straight forward, instructional, and helpful. If you start one of these blogs, you can knowledge newbies to your topic or help those already successful get to the next level.

#44 Personal Growth

#45 Goal Planning Printables

#46 Self-Care Tips

#47 Mindset Growth

#48 Journaling Tips

#49 Mental Health

#50 Time Management Worksheet

#51 Time Management Tips

#52 Developing Successful Skills




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