Tips & motivation on finding happiness

Oh hey it’s Wednesday! It’s mid day almost the weekend!

Thought i will kick today off with a little motivation note…


In today’s world it’s tough finding happiness when it’s so much negative things we see right in front of our eyes. It’s like sometimes we are forced with it, for an example we have streaming news & social media that reminds us every single day on what is going on in this world.

We have to focus on being comfortable with happiness. Living life how we want to and without any regrets. Finding ourselves & loving our selves. Being more mindful & being more stress free.


Trying to be happy has been one of the most hardest thing for me to do. “Literally”.

It was hard because i was battling anxiety & depression, so happiness wasn’t even part of me at all. Now that i been focusing on just myself, I seem to better off love every part of my growth i have developed over time. Don’t quit, because when you quit then you start back slowly turning into your old ways.


Happiness is the key…



I had to start being accepting. You might not let everything slide& you also might not trust everyone, but it comes a time in life when you have to let go in forgive. 

There will be people that will try to antagonize your character & bring you down but you can’t let them.


Here’s a list of facts to focus on being happy:


  • Find what makes you happy in stick to it
  • Let go of any kind of negativity that’s holding you back (friendships, relationships)
  • Focus on self-love
  • Be more mindful
  • Do a good spring cleaning
  • Create a schedule to take a day out the week to do things you enjoy
  • Go on a small or long vacay
  • Read a inspiring book
  • Watch a inspiring movie
  • Listen to a motivating podcast
  • Communicate with others that have a positive mindset
  • Get rid of things at your home that give you bad memories
  • Believe in faith
  • Accept failure


Learning how to be more happy & focus on being happy is what really will keep you leveling up. You have to know that happiness will replace any kind of stress so you can continue building, being happy will attract the right people around you. being happy only makes you stronger. Being happy will make others like you, accept you, & want you in there presence.


It’s been a journey for me but i am more than excited to just smile, and love life like no other.




Feel free to drop it down in the comments would love to here how :)…

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