So i know that a lot of people even myself have had problems with not feeling like ill win. Meaning, not feeling like i’m productive enough, not feeling like i have succeeded enough. Well, sometimes enough is just enough. We have to learn to be dominant, to not have a i’m going to “lose” attitude. Anything is possible, and once i realize that i began to start labeling myself as a winner. Here are 5 ways to have a winner mindset.




#1 Changing your mindset

In ordinary to have a winner mindset, you have to change your mindset. Of course everybody has their own way how they think & carry themselves, but change is change. All the negative thoughts? let it go. You can’t walk around always being negative if you always want to win. A positive mindset can get you really far in life. Think about all the good things you want to happen in the future, and no matter how much bad luck comes through, or how many times you fail, you have to be strong and move away from what’s holding you back,



#2 Let go of the toxic

Yes. You read it right, let go of the toxic. Being around toxic surroundings, and just dealing with a toxic person can drain your energy. When your energy is drained that means you will not have strength to win. Toxic also changes your mood. Always being in a bad mood will also make you lose out on more than what you think. Happiness is the key. A happy heart will get your further in life. Don’t be afraid to let go. Not everyone is meant to be in your life. 



#3 Be Authentic

Being Authentic is the best choice. I say that because when you are truthful, honest, & authentic, you will gain more respect. Especially starting a business or becoming a blogger. People want honesty, bluntness, and some one that is straight forward. 



#4 Be your self-reminder

Remind yourself about everything that is important. For an example: If you are getting into an altercation, remind yourself to not react. Remind yourself to not lose yourself. Remind yourself to not feed into negativity. Remind yourself that you are a WINNER and that you will not lose. Remind yourself to keep pushing. Moral of the story is, have self talks in your head that will remind you on what is important. 



#5 Have a plan

Make sure that you have a plan. If you don’t then work towards to having one. Having a plan will have you feeling more established, self sufficient, confident, & successful. When you feel all that is listed above then guess what? You are a WINNER!. I always have plans, even if i change them, brainstorming and planning my near future got me further then what i was, and changed me into a better woman today. It’s best to focus on what makes you happy and what will keep you going. 




        Hope you all enjoyed this blog, I also hope it was helpful & motivating.

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  1. Great post once again! all the points you raised are so important. Having a plan I feel makes me feel confident and reminds me that anything I put my mind too is achievable. πŸ’–

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