How to be more successful without stressing




Hello my loves!!

Today i will be sharing how to be more successful without stressing.  It’s going to be a very informal post. I’ve find myself enjoying when i publish these posts where I can be authentic, straight forward and provide good tips to help you all on your journey.

Within these past few months i find myself stressing a lot and getting overwhelmed with succeeding and being impatient with achieving my goals. When you don’t get the recognition you deserve and everything that comes with being a blogger like sponsors, brand deals, and other things in that aspect it becomes very stressful. Although as a blogger i know it takes time and patience, but still at times i have it bad wanting things to happen much quicker. I always ask myself why i just can’t be that boss ass woman already that i see myself being in my head, be successful and making 24/7 income so i can travel the world. Sounds a little over the top right? 






Sometimes i talk to myself, and honestly i don’t care lol. I honestly feel that if we don’t get the right advice from someone else then we have to be our own motivation, inspiration, and all the above.

I tend to ask myself, Seqouia? Why are you so in the rush? Why do you want everything to be so easy? If it was just that simple we would have more successful people.

Like what Michelle Obama said ” The only way you succeed is by failing”. That is so true. We will fail, and it is totally fine because failing is only a test, and it just helps you figure out what you aren’t doing right and eventually you will prosper in your business. What you should know is that you have to put out quality and informative content to even reach your target audience in order to be relevant.

I am a very hard worker, and i am very determined to continue achieving my goals. I take very serious because i am not using my platform as just an blog, it’s also a brand. I put in the time, the work, the long nights/early morning, the stress, and i always try to make sure i am consistent with my blogs by posting twice a week or once a week, or more. Do i still need to improve and educate myself? Yes! Yes! Yes!






Staying focus should always be your main priority. When you apply the principle you will get better results everyday. When you wake up and getting ready to start work, use that day as a new start. Focus on that particular day instead of having all that confusion. Daily task are important, i always say having a notebook or an daily planner is needed more than people think. 

Believe in yourself. You have to have self confidence to even succeed in anything. You don’t want to think negative all the time, because the outcome will turn out to be exactly how you think. You have to believe in your abilities and what you are capable of. Success is a process and you have to be ready for whatever that comes towards you. Tell your self, okay it’s hard but down the line it will pay off. There will be people that will not believe in your vision and those are the people you don’t need in your inner circle, keep them on the outside. You should be on focus mode everyday of the week, and how ever long it take to make it through out your journey. 


I enjoy giving out these kind of motivational blogs, because i educate myself everyday so i can be wiser and more wiser. This post and all my post are to encourage you all that anything is possible and to not let anything stop you! Don’t let the hype discourage you from moving forward, sometimes everything you see on social media isn’t what it’s cooked up to be. Be patient, be consistent, be determined, be wiser. I will always share my journeys, challenges, and my ups and downs because i don’t always want to be just someone to motivate my audience, I want to grow with you all as well. I am still learning and building myself just as much as others, so i’m very opened to share my challenges i have been and going through.

I wish you all nothing but the best in your success, and i hope you all continue to constantly give me a visit. I also hope that my blogs are very helpful and an eye opener as well. 

Feel free to comment, email me, or message me on my social media i am always available :).


       XoXo -SeqouiaB

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