4 Ways to monetize your brand!


Happy Monday my loves :)……

I have 4 ways to monetize your content and to expand your personal brand.Β 

Why do we need to monetize our content?

To make that money honey, duh….

Our personal brand is our future, so we have to make money by all means. Our time is an ASSET! Always make sure any choices you make that it is going to help you build a sustainable business.


Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β 1. Coaching+Consulting: I prefer that you coach something that has more to do with your field of blogging. Always make sure you have a set fee. Usually coaches and consultants charges around $150/weekly, but you can briefly pick your own prices. I feel if you are a beginner, try not to be to expensive. So for an example, if you are a motivational blogger, you can be a motivational coach, coach your clients on being motivated and uplifting them to not give up, “just an example”. If you are a financial blogger you can be a financial coach, you can coach people on how to make money and guide them once a week or a couple times out the month.Β 


Β  Β  Β  2. Active Social Media: Yes! Social media is the most valuable place to get clients. Good content, daily content, and legit content, will definitely bring you clients and visitors. The most money making social media in my opinion is “Instagram”. The reason why i said Instagram is because you can use hashtags that are followed by millions of people so for an example if you do #blogger, then your post will pop up in the bloggers hashtag and people will have a option to follow you or to like your post, even possibly click the link to your website in your bio.Β 


3. Advertisers: Yes, ads will make you money. You can easily google “make money posting ads”, and a lot of different affiliate programs or ad programs will pop up. Even though some ads make 0.10 cents per click it doesn’t matter. Just as long as you got good content and views, that 0.10 cents will turn into more eventually.Β 


4. Brand Sponsors: Make sure you try to get attention from other brands, you can even share it on your social media how you are looking to be sponsored. Also, it can be very fun. Like for an example, if you are into make up you can get sponsored by a make up company, and all you have to do is post pictures or videos using there products and get other people to purchase it, and you will get paid for that.Β 

Honestly it’s all about branding yourself and being consistent with building your future. Your future is what you make it and how far you able to keep going with out giving up. Blogging isn’t really hard, but making money isn’t a piece of cake, you have to want it, deserve it, and strive for it. These 4 ways, is ways how i make money and how i for sure know it will definitely work out for whomever is reading this.Β 


-Take notes

or email me if you want me to personally send you this blog! I’m all about building and growing with others :).


7 thoughts on “4 Ways to monetize your brand!”

  1. Thanks for the tips. I’ve just started blogging this week so I feel a very long way from making money. I’m still trying to figure everything out.

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