How i made $1,509 in 6 days from an app!

There is tons of theories about making money from apps! Well i definitely found a couple apps where i was able to generate $1,509 in 6 days. I was really getting discouraged and depressed because i literally had 1 month to pay off my debt. So i started to do research, and i came across posh mark. The first couple days i didn’t make anything, so i started to give up. Then i started to do a little digging, and i was promoting all wrong!

So i figured out how to promote and market my sells app and i did! i can truly say that it came in handy a lot. Making money online is very possible, but sometimes you have to risk doing what you never thought you were going to have to do.Β 

So on these 3 apps, you can sell clothes, shoes, apparel, movies, jewelry, make up, i mean anything you want. It can be old, new, never used, or if you want to go out and buy something and resell it, you can do that as well. I actually went through all my items i have at home and sold things i worn once, or things i can’t fit no more because of weight gain. You also can sell stuff on offer up, they now have where you can ship your merchandise to your customers. On depop, please be advise that you get paid right away which i love, it’s my favorite sells app. On posh mark and mercari, you have to ship first, and once it’s delivered your funds go straight to your account.

These are pictures of the app! just head to your app store, download them. and start making money right away!

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