Loyalty is important

Loyalty is very important to me. Without loyalty their is also no trust, and that is what a lot of people fail to realize. Now days, you can feel if someone is being genuine because their personality and the mature topic of conversations you have with them, but sometimes that can just be a fake image as well. Me personally, I always stay as loyal as i can, because i feel it is only right, and also i want the people in my inner circle to know that i am always here with open arms. I have to make sure you stay just as true as me behind my back. You should always be down with your family, friends, and significant other no matter if you wrong or right, because if you are wrong you definitely should want a friend to tell you, right? right… Being loyal is definitely a lifestyle, some people take it as a joke until you cut ties with them, and then they see you aren’t playing at all. At times, some people and even myself just want the loyalty and trust, all the materialistic things don’t matter when it comes to that. Stay loyal, stay true, and stay trust worthy, people will do business with you, return to you for anything, and start to actually love the person that you are.


5 thoughts on “Loyalty is important”

  1. I think it depends honestly . I don’t think ” friends ” should cut ties honestly if ya truly know each other that’s where the loyalty comes in at. Knowing someone flaws & all + STILL accepting / loving them . Now relationships lol that depends too cuhs sometimes you don’t know who you’re dating rather it’s intentional or not. Words & actions don’t always match . I’ve noticed it’s a lot of people including myself that want a lot & talk a lot with great sense but just have a hard time getting there . We have to start looking at every perspective not just our own. It took me awhile to get that.

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  2. When I’m using the fact cut ties, I’m basically initiating that if you aren’t a loyal friend you will be cut off, because my loyalty runs deep. It have to go both way. You can have a true friend who you thought once was loyal, but turn out to not be loyal.


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