Aspire to inspire

Everyone should inspire someone. Making others feel good is the best feeling and will help uplift yourself more. There is nothing like making others just as confident. No matter what i have been through i have always been the woman to try to make others feel good. Seeing others happy makes me happy. Sometimes certain energy can be no good for us, and sometimes we don’t know how to cut off the negative energy also.

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts, love your life with out no regrets. Understand that everything will not be how you dreamed of it to be, but as a inspiring woman/man everything will always fall into place for you. Happiness is not something you push back for the future, it is something you design for the present. We all need courage to take a step into our future and understand it’s not easy.

Inspire others, especially the youth. Be the person to show people how far you have become, and where did you start from. Sometimes we don’t even know how inspiring we are and how many lives we can save from going down the drain. I always tell myself to never get cold feet, being tough should be your number 1 priority.

Although it’s normal that some people chicken out, but be different, be adventurous, be easy going, no telling how many people you might meet that might can be an impact on your life as well. Sometimes in whatever field you are focused on pursuing your time in, you never know who might can help you get there, or give you the right information + tools.

XoXo -SeqouiaB

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