I want to quit my job: Venting

Hi blogger friends, so lately i have been really overwhelmed. Working at my job and trying to keep pursuing on being self employed is really difficult. First thing first, sad to say i can’t stand the fact of being told what to do. That is my biggest pet peeve. I know i shouldn’t be that way, but it is tiring working for other people. You have to deal with getting yelled out, drama, over worked for less pay, and so much more. I know that being self employed isn’t easy, it takes a lot of consistency, patients, and determination.Β 

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I know that eventually i will be able to make my dreams come true. Quitting my 9-5, traveling around the world, spending more time with my kid, and taking her to different fun places is my main focus. I know if others can do it, i know i can. Being self employed and your own boss, is the best honestly.Β 

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I know everything isn’t easy, and cannot happen in the snap of a finger. At times, I feel really stressed because i motivate others so much more than myself, and i know i need to keep myself up, no matter how stressed out i get. It is a difficult thing called life, we live in, and we have to accept things and move on from whatever negative thoughts we are feeling. So, day by day, i am starting to motivate myself harder then i ever have thought i would.Β 

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IΒ also decided to get into yoga. I would love to find a good yoga class. I decided to also do meditating, so i downloaded a meditating app, just to keep me calm, and less irritable through out my day.

Β  Well thanks for reading my blog of me venting for the day :).



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