Public Diary: Sunday

So today I had a pretty okay day, it started off a little rough because I was up mad late. I basically went to work and only slept for 3 hours prior. Right before I went to work me and my boyfriend had got into it really bad, but now we are back rocking as usual. It’s like we are inseparable, we can’t never be away from one another.

Besides that, I literally went to Starbucks twice since it’s right next to my job so I can wake up, I had no energy, and kept dosing off to sleep.

Word of the day: “Enthusiastic”

I realize today that I need to be more grateful then I already am. I need to show more interest and show eager enjoyment about what’s going on in my life. There is people now at this minute that are going through the worst. Far as my feelings, today has ended really good, nothing to much really happened, I just worked and relaxed. I didn’t really have much on my mind like I normally do and I guess that’s a good thing. Sometimes I think extremely to much and I start to get migraines. Well I am currently writing ✍️ this Diary late, 11:52 p.m. to be exact, which means it’s still Sunday. I am about to call it a night far as writing more in my diary.

XoXo -Seqouia B the Blogger

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