Choose your company

The other day I realized, getting attitudes and being mean to others really get you no where. You can’t be nice to someone one day and then the next day you have the worst attitude on earth. You have to treat others with kindness and love If you want them to do the same with you. Lately, I’ve been around a lot of negative energy, but from my past I learned how to put a block on all that. It’s a lot of people that want to take you down with them but it’s up to you if you allow them. People do what you allow them to do, so be wise and pay close attention at all times. Sometimes, you have to show people better than you can tell them but in a positive way. I refuse to be anyone punching bag πŸ₯Š and no one else shouldn’t neither. Choose the company you keep around you if your company isn’t already chosen, sometimes you never know who secretly is against you. Appreciate who you are, even if no one else do, you will always deserve to be well respected, keep that in mind πŸ’‘.

Have a great Thursday πŸ™‚ -Seqouiab

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