How to Network Your Way to Your Dream Job

“How to Network Your Way to Your Dream Job?”

1. Connect with People

Get into the habit of meeting different people. Be very sweet even if you have to fake it. Be likable. Be thoughtful and caring.

2. Connect with theΒ RightΒ People

Be smart. Connect, socialize, and hang out with people already the field you are looking forward to being in or close to it. Go to presentations they’re likely to be at. Start putting yourself in those environments, eventually you will develop having a lot of connections.

3. Live a Full Life

Once you’re connected with different people, you want to be the eye of everyone, like the kind of person people are looking forward to seeing. Living a wealthy life and being able to do what other successful people are doing is what interest them. Do things. Explore. travel. Show you are down for the ride.Β 

4. Follow Up with people you have connected with

Networking doesn’t and shouldn’t stop. That’s just the start of it. You then need to stay connected, by communicating and perhaps meeting up at other events, for a couple glasses of wine after a meeting/work or just even for coffee catch-ups.

“Have a BOSS mind set, grab a pen and notebook, and write out BOSS plans, because you are a BOSS no matter what.”-Seqouiab

Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  “Even when you feel that your plan isn’t working, it is. You just have to be consistent, patient, and ready to take bigger steps, to make bigger BOSS moves.” -SeqouiaB

Are You dedicated

Building a network, brands, businesses all take time. You have to make sure that you can work under pressure even if you are the one who is doing it. If you aren’t a people person, and don’t really like communicating, then you either have to work on that and sacrifice from being shy.Β keep getting out there, anyoneΒ can be your bridge to the career youΒ reallyΒ want.


Social media is one of the top sources to help getting your dream job or another way to make a living.

  1. The best networking social media app is “Instagram. Instagram is super easy to use and more easier for people to find you. You can build your follower base up and start from their.Β 
  2. Look forΒ Influence jobs. On Instagram there is a lot of online businesses that will ask for you to promote there merchandise for them. Use popular hashtags. Consistently post because now people are looking forward to see what you post next.
  3. On Instagram you actually start your own business, be a public figure, blogger, seller, and many more.Β 

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