A secret I did to lose belly fat within 7days!

So, I have done this smoothie detox before to lose belly fat and I must admit it works 100%. If you have a blender or a Nutri Bullet then you should start this right away. Some people say they just make the smoothie before breakfast and do it once a day, but I do it twice. Once before breakfast and once before bed.

Some people ask if you have to work out, well no you don’t, but me personally? I do. I get better results and I’m serious about losing weight. I prefer to get all my products organic because it’s healthy.

All you need is:

1. Cucumber πŸ₯’

2. Lime or lemon πŸ‹ *peel the skin off*

3. Mint leaves 🍁

4. Ginger

5. One Glass of water πŸ’¦

6. A tea spoon of organic honey 🍯

Do this smoothie for 7 days, I have lost 6 pounds, and I’m doing it again, it also makes my body feel totally different. Also, drink lots of water while taking this smoothie it will flush all the bad toxins out your body. Make sure you tell me your results if it works for you, I hope it does ☺️.




Stay tuned, I will keep you guys updated with any other healthy tips I learn for weight loss, and other things.

Love you all….


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