What I use to keep my skin clear πŸ€”?

These are the Best facial cleaning products to use I promise. So, I get light spots on my face, and when it gets irritated sometimes it turns into small sores. Since I been doing these mask, problem skin toner spray, and facial wash & scrub, my skin hasn’t broke out not once. My skin has been very smooth, looks more balanced, and fresh. I swear I am so happy and feel more confident then ever.

Having nice, clear, and glowing skin builds up your self confidence. I’m not saying that having clear skin defines your beauty but it does define your happiness. You can be drop dead gorgeous or handsome but hate having flaky or bumpy skin. It’s okay, it’s a part of being a human, that’s what a lot of people in our world don’t understand. We will have things we might not like about us but we can always fix that problem, we live in a new era where you can create something at home or do a home remedy to get rid or heal anything from the mind to body.

That’s where we have to say thank you to google right “lol”?

Sometimes I totally forget to do my mask and facial scrubs, and I’ll see that my face is starting to slowly break out again. Even if you go with out a week doing your cleanse routine, these products still actually work, when u go to sleep and wake up i see that my face is back to looking like it self. Make sure you drink a lot of water, and you don’t over due using mask and facial scrubs, you don’t want to dry your skin out at all.

All & all everyone, just like how some of you like to stay fit and healthy, make sure you keep your skin healthy, it’s very important. Make sure you drink a lot of water, keep your hair clean also, because use of too much product in your hair can always break your face out. Change pillow case once a day if you have a wash machine, if you don’t, at least wash plenty of pillow cases when you go washing.




Name of products:

-African Black they have mask, soap, and even one where you can just spray it on your face/neck area it’s by Shea Moisture

-Cucumber Mask – Cvs, Walgreens, Target, Walmart

-Formula mask 10.0.6 – they have brands

*Stay Tuned for my

“Obsession for lip gloss blog”

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