Looking to make extra money? Online

As the picture say, yes Shopify Drop shipping.

Make you an Shopify account, think of what kind of store you want, when you drop shipping it could be anything. Like, shoes, clothes, make up, accessories, electronics, home stuff, i can keep going. Stick to a plan, think of a eye catching store name, go to apps on Shopify, then go to Oberlo, download it, then from there you can make your own prices, discounts, or whatever you want, make your website theme, and get started.

After you get setup, the only complicated part is promoting and advertising but if you use social media a lot sometimes that helps. It’s good to create an social media account for your business, the main three social media accounts to create is Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

You have to promote everyday at least so you can get a lot of website traffic. Finding a social media influencer with a lot of followers are also a lot of help, they aren’t to expensive, some start at $20 and up. You can also pay for ads on your social media accounts as well, it actually reaches to a lot of people that will turn into customers.

Sometimes it takes a while to get sales, and sometimes you want to give up at some point, but I promise you will succeed in this. There is people that shop online everyday 24hours through out the week, you have to just make sure you catch those shoppers eyes, with eye catching products. To get more knowledge you can always go to your Shopify account and they actually have information on how to drop ship, or you can call the Shopify customer service which is open 24hours 7days a week and they actually will follow through the whole step with you, very awesome people!.

Being in E-Commerce is the best, and it’s a lot of money that can be made, you just have to be consistent. Make sure you keep your website up, and work on it daily.




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